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  1. Thanks for all of the help so far.....your'e feedback generated some follow up questions though. I have heard in numerous places to stay away from eyepieces starting with HM and SR. The TOWA, I thought was known for great optics, yet the eyepieces are all HM and SR...what gives? Also, this scope has .965 size, so the question is...are they that good that it's not worth it to upgrade to the average 30-50$ eyepiece on the market?
  2. Hello all, I very recently began my journey into stargazing and after doing some research have some general thoughts and questions which I think all of you experts out there could help with. I had originally had my mind set on a Dobsonian, preferably an 8", however I then noticed someone in my area selling a good condition Towa 339 which after reading glowing reviews, I purchased for $250. Overall, I would say it is in very good condition however a few of the eyepieces were / are VERY dirty. In particular, the 4mm eyepiece is extremely dirty so I followed numerous pieces of advice and used s
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