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  1. BackyardEOS does have a fully featured 30-day trial. BYE also supported the feature you mention above Regards, Guylain (the creator of BackyardEOS)
  2. This is correct, you need to make sure you set image quality to "RAW" in Settings. By default BYE will set it to RAW in imaging mode and to L jpg in frame&focus mode. If you waht BYE to never change the image quality go to settings and set it to "in-camera". BYW will leave it alone and will never change the image quality again. PS: If you want faster support please log issues/questions on BYE's support forum Guylain
  3. Hi, Guylain here, creator of BYE. This looks to me like over exposed. When you do planetary make absolutely sure you are NOT in BULB mode. Exposure simulation is disabled in BULB mode. Instead make sure you use a TV value and make sure not to over expose. Regards, Guylain
  4. Hi SteveO, I do have my own support forum at forum.otelescope.com, which is much more faster than reporting issues here In any event, changing the dial mode programtically is only possible on high end models, this is a Canon SDK limitation. You do not have to change the dial to AV, BYE can just as easily take AV pictures with the dial set to M. Hope this helps, Guylain
  5. You should still be able to zoom it you place your cursor on the image iamge and use pgup/pgdn to zoom in/out.
  6. You should use the BYE support forum at forum.otelescope.com for a speedy response. I just happened to stumble upon your thread while browsing. The zoom works just like google map... place the cursor whereever you want on the image and use your wheel mouse to zoom in/out. Guylain
  7. Don't think DSLR are not capable of excellent planetary imaging. Jerry Lodriguss has an entire book on that subject alone (see here). Most DSLR will give about 20 to 25 fps when connected to a computer, except the T4i which is not capable of more than 10 fps. If you get less that those numbers in means your computer is the bottleneck, not the camera. When doing computer assisted planetary imaging with a DSLR you need to make sure you are using live view 5x zoom mode. This will give you a 1:1 pixel resolution and the best quality. Hope this helps, Guylain
  8. Hi, this is caused be exiftool failing to run in a separate windows process. This is well documented. In version 3.1 the exif write process is off be default and I have changed how exif data is read and written to fix this issue. In the future, if you want fast support, please use the BackyardEOS support forum. I never go to bed without clearing support issues reported on the support forum BackyardEOS never, ever deletes images nor does it NOT save them. When all else fail... -ALL- images can be retrieved in the <My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\download> folder. Glad you got it to work. Guylain
  9. Okay, send me a PM and I'll send you a download link. Guylain
  10. I can do 2 things for you... 1) I can send you a preview 0f v3.1 for you to try. 2) I can show you how to have BYE use Virtual Dub to encode the AVI automatically. Or we can do both? You call Guylain
  11. Looking good BackyardEOS never (ever) deletes image data, I made sure of that while developing it. This is why I can always say with confidence that you (or anyone else stumbling upon this thread) have not lost any data Thank you for choosing BackyardEOS. Guylain
  12. Okay, keep me posted... oh... and feel free to post on my support forum at forum.otelescope.com. I will a lot more quicker to get back to you that wat Guylain
  13. The way AVI encoding is handled will change in version 3.1 which I should release in the next few weeks. However... YOU DID NOT LOSE ANYTHING!!! All of your individual images are in "My Pictures\BackyardTemp\Downloads". You can stack them just the same... it's the same quality. In fact those are the images I encode into an AVI Keep in mind that AVI is a 20+ year old technology... the protocol is flaky to say the least Regards, Guylain
  14. Nebulosity, APT, and BackyardEOS all can dither. Remember that for dithering you must be guiding first with PHD Regards, Guylain
  15. Thanks for making BackyardEOS part of your journey Guylain
  16. All purchase keys are generated manually. This is why is can take up to 12 to 24 hours. I'm not always close to a computer and given the time zone difference I may be sleeping why you place your order In any event, I try to generate them ASAP when I get a purchase Thank you for your understanding and for choosing BackyardEOS. Regards, Guylain
  17. Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party but if BYE says EOS Utility is running I gurantee you it is running, no doubt about that. Best bet is to look in task manager and look for a task that starts with "EOS Utility". End that task and I gurantee it will work. I realize that by now you probably have figured it out giving this thread is about 4 weeks old but I posted anyway in case someone stumbles on this thread in the future. Thank you for choosing BYE. Guylain
  18. As others suggested BackyardEOS will not control your mount. I did implement an ASCOM telecope feature in BYE 3.1 but it is only to nudge the telescope and is there for convinience only. Add Carte de ciel + EQMOD + PHD to BYE and you get a complete package. BYE integrates with AstroTortilla as well Good luck. Guylain
  19. Go to the web site, click Products... then click [ compare edition ] at the bottom of the page Guylain
  20. If it works with EOS Utility is will work with BackyardEOS. I use the same drivers to access the camera as EOS Utility does. Hope this helps, Guylain
  21. Thank you for the vote of confidence, I like it too Guylain
  22. Yes, BackyardEOS runs on XP, Vista, W7, W8 (including 8.1). Guylain
  23. Yep, I make an appearence here too every now and then Thank you for the vote of confidence Steve, very much appreciated. Guylain
  24. You do not have to use the imaging plan to focus and wait 20 seconds for the image to download. Stay in Frame & Focus instead and use the SNAP image button. In conjonction with the LOOP button (toggle on/off) you will acheive the same... with the big advantage that... 1- snapped image are not saved be default so you will not need to deleted them 2- snapped image are small JPG so way, way faster to download. Hope this help, Guylain
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