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  1. That is a great picture of Jupiter. I have no idea about the lines.Just wanted to compliment you on your expert photo. Keep plugging away. You will obviously produce a photo that rivals a professional observatory.
  2. John Beale


    Hi John, I'm John from Alabama USA. Truly, it is a small scope but don't sell it short. You can have great views of the Moon and Jupiter and Saturn as well as countless open clusters and globular clusters. The Orion Nebula will be awesome. Get you a good sky chart and you will be impressed with this "small" scope. Clear skies.
  3. A local tv station posted this question just today. Q: Is Christmas starting too early every year. A: Of course it is. When I was a kid we put up a tree the week before Christmas. Now its at Halloween.
  4. Sounds familiar.The first time is a bit tricky but looking back it was great fun. I did basicly the same thing my first night out with the Nexstar. Worth every minute of it though.
  5. I live in a small town in Alabama but over the years light pollution has gotten worse. A Hospital to the west and a Manufacturing plant to the south have grown. Street lights to the North. Trees to the east. Not a wash out though. Limiting magnitude aroung 6.0. The Milky Way is visible. The Andromeda Galaxy and the Ring Nebula in Lyra as well as the Great Globular M13 can be seen. This town is growing and it will only get worse. Used to be totally dark(30 years ago)
  6. Congratulations on your first light experience. Isn't it fun getting out with your son for some quality time together. He will remember these experiences the rest of his life. I can remember my first experience with a Telescope. I was around 7-8 years old and my brother had a Sears refractor. I looked a the moon with a green filter. Here I am 40 years later. I guess I was bit by the bug. Enjoy this time with your son while he is young. Clear skies. JohnB
  7. Congratulations on your new "baby". I was the same way when My new scope arrived. It is sitting in the corner in my family room and I stare at it a lot and it stares back at me,lol. I don't get it out as much as I would like but it is still there looking at me.I wish you clear skies and many happy nights with your son.
  8. That's a superb Pix of Jupiter. I would be proud to have captured one as good as that! Your first attempt? WOW!
  9. I have a Nexstar 8SE and it does the same thing. I have had it about 3 weeks and have so far not been able to get the GoTo feature to work correctly. I know that I am setting it up correctly. Time,date,etc. I have used the city method for my location.I do the 3 star alignment but when I try the goto feature it goes in the opposite direction. I want to know what I am doing wrong also. I am reading these replys but I feel that I have done these already. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. John Beale

    Hi all.

    Hi, and welcome to SGL. Dobs. are good for Planets and such but the mount isnt suited for long exposure astrophotos. Great scope and you will enjoy it greatly. I wish you clear skys.John from Alabama USA
  11. Welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy it here.I personally enjoy reading all the posts.John:)
  12. Hi Kent, Welcome to SGL.I am also new to this forum (2 weeks) Just ask questions and people on here will be glad to answer. There are so many different scopes out there it would be impossible to tell you how to set yours up. Does it have a equatoral mount? Does it have a clock drive? Polar alignment, eyepieces,magnification,all come into play.The best way I know is to get your owners manual and buy a good book on the sky and then go through the process of trial and error. There is no local Astronomy club around here for me to ask a question so I just had to learn by doing. Im still learning! G
  13. Saturn with her rings are my #1 and then Jupiter with her dancing moons are a close #2. Thinking about them now as I type makes me say WOW!
  14. Good morning to all from Alabama where I woke up to chrystal clear skys and temps at freezing. Perfect for observing here in the south. The next 3 days are forecast for the same. Hope you guys across the pond have good observing weather also.
  15. Here in the States the Summer sky stay hazed over most of the time. In the Fall of the year after the temperature drops a bit and a rain shower blows through the sky seem to clear tremendously and the viewing is awesome. Also, the winter constellations with the Pleadies and Taurus and then Orion rising in the East are a glorius sight to behold. The Winter sky is my personal favorite. There is something special about bundeling up on a cold winters night and spending time with the stars.
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