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  1. Thanks for the help. I think Andy has it right, it must be an early RS, and the rack and pinion focuser cannot handle the weight of the focuser and eyepiece and it is notchy. If I repacked it with a heavier grease, would this help? I did use it last night and the optics are awesome, very sharp images and pinpoint stars. It's a lot more portable than my 8 inch newtonian or 10 inch Meade SCT
  2. I am the new owner of a used TAL 100RS. I joined this group because there seem to be only a few TAL's in the US and I was looking for assistance with people who are more familiar with the telescope. From my readings online, it appears to be a hybrid of a 100R and an RS. It has the purple objective coatings (yay) and three baffles (boo) of an R, but it has the longer 2" focuser of an RS. The focuser does have issues though, when I hang it down, it has a tendency to move a bit on it's own (slides downward). I hope this is not a big deal. The only TAL identification was on a small sticker ne
  3. I joined this group because I am the lucky new owner of a TAL 100RS and there do not seem to be many of them in the US. When I googled it, most of the top reesults were from this site. I will post some pics later and have many questions, as it appears to be an unusual TAL 100RS Steve
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