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  1. Extreme Astronomy.. My heart stopped for a bit when I read the post, blimey Gina, glad you are OK - by the looks of things it could of been a lot worse damage wise, but I'm sure you'll be up and running in no time Must of been a bit scary though:icon_eek:
  2. Ahh brilliant , thanks again! At least I'm on the right track
  3. Thanks acey for the help, that clears a whole lot up. I get that time for a photon stops (from observer) due to c and slows down for anything that could reach near it, or should I say, the faster something goes the slower time appears to pass..if observed.? I think. lol Just trying to understand if It could be tied. All a bit much for my brains, but I remember a while ago that they found a particle that enters the atmosphere and can be detected near ground level, and it proved the cannon ball scenario you mention..for the life of me I can't remember much about it though. As in it should of decayed further up. Right then, rest frames it is, time to get on the books and have read up Cheers
  4. Thanks for showing Si, me gusta.. and you say poor seeing
  5. That'd be a cheep collimator, collimation, collimating lens then.:)
  6. Glen

    About me

    I red that like Morgan Freeman, I cant wait for your reports!! Welcome Sir:icon_salut:
  7. mmm, knocks and bags are inevitable in the post, regardless you shouldn't have to resort to the aforementioned. Along with most, send it back.
  8. Relevant? Laser Collimator Collimator
  9. ok first of all < thats me, second do photons have spin? Bearing in mind polarity/polarisation surly that's something to measure time over distance?
  10. Should be good to go with 15 fps - where there's a will there's a way and all that. Personally I can't say i've seen it done - but worth a try none the less. As you mention the settings will need playing around with and then converting it so registax will recognise it i suppose. Possibly a search on the forum will bring some ideas.? Anyway Great stuff and good luck! Keep us posted with the results. Glen Lol'd at the guy in the video XD ahh simple things..
  11. thanks guys, most Schools struggle to get peeps into astro let alone what Kev has done. Inspirational in many ways.
  12. There's many of us mate! And a lot that have been in the exact same spot, but I think it would be better to put this into the astro lounge. It'd have to be setting up the scope on a eq wedge pointing south for me.. oh the shame... Admittedly, it did look right... it was dark ok..
  13. Have you got rough hole spacings Gary, they should be pretty standard. If so look into pc fans online they run on 12v I believe. Hazard a guess at 120mm.
  14. Fans are a must have[?] if you want a big 'un cooled fast - be it cross blow , behind or summing else it's a science in it's self some say. Interesting to look at a mirror on a foucault test showing thermals. There is one on t'tube that shows the effect side on with a primary, can't find it though but if everything is equalized temp wise, this effect is smaller, hence the cool down. As for me, the scope at 10" is in the garage, dry but a few degrees over ambient ready to go in under half an hour.
  15. For me it's got to be a home made dob, granted there's some VERY nice gear out there and it is tempting but just knowing that YOU made something that Newton himself would be proud of keeps my fire burning. Start off with something small and long say 8" f10 ish then work up to a nice 12" f5 with 9 zones or more included Then a home made yoke mount with the possibility of GOTO (no north!) but I'd be happy with RA tracking. Admittedly it would be *ahem* wobbly, although you never know till you try. As they say "the stars ain't going nowhere soon" So Time will tell. Dreams..Dreams I tell ye. On that note. Paramount with 20" rc ...and, AND.. the home made dob/Newt. But I think It's more to do with learning all that goes with it,...So yup, that would be my someday scope.
  16. ahh I see, I'm such a Muppet.. With the second set, if it helps and concerning colour, the lower (#2) I think is the better pic. Just needs a little bump with the R & B alignment.
  17. ahh.. to bask looking into the Milyway center with all those globs...one day.. A dream for many here Ishidori, keep the reports coming!
  18. Tis a good test Spaceboy, although the amount of 'good frames' can make a HUGE difference concerning the avi, like you say, it all boils down to (no pun!) good seeing and such and the amount of useful frames gained. You could have 10 min worth of data but less than 100 frames of crisp defined 'pics'. On the other hand you could have <2 min of good seeing and get the same/similar result. After that dwells the wizardry art of 'picking/tweeking and stacking' the best. Either way, great shots Nick Most (including me!) just about get the Cassini division resolved..after that would be a faster cam to grab the 'good' seeing moments. Best Glen
  19. Might be going against the grain here but I find RDF a little too bright and tend to stick with old fashioned finders, on a strict 'no lights' level only. Might mean bumping into things and the odd trip, but well worth it IMHO.
  20. #1, BUT better seeing, collimation, cool down etc would have brought a better picture though in the others I reckon. Just me tuppence
  21. Well done guys on keeping one of the (if not the) best places to spend a few hours gleaning knowledge on the net concerning all things astro! Reminds me of a dream I once had of being on a ship, only to glance at the people working away (sometimes frantically) sweat laden and thinking.. "wow, what have they been trough to make our day/night a little better?" Welp. You get me point. Grats to the 'new guys', although must be noted that they have been working 'off the clock' be it - knowing their stuff or just a good head on them.. it truly is welcomed & appreciated. *claps hands wildly* In anticipation of the 'new' forum. Soooon. Glen
  22. good to hear you had first (blurry) light with the scope and got Saturn in the bag. I know what you mean with just plonk it down and look, Tend to do this myself for a quick peek at something, although try to leave out the beer (had a bad night one time - or was it two) cause it can get ..interesting.. Mind you, some say it relaxes the eye, but the jury is still out with that one. Didn't you get a Barlow or was that all that came with it? 2x Barlow would get you a little closer with the 28mm and still be ok, might be something to think about if not. Have a bash at a few Messier when it's set up next and see if you can catch a few, or any comets that may appear and the moon! Can't forget that! Glen / sorry for the derail. Comets right.. PS You can click on control panel top left to see replied subs bud.
  23. Good to see you got it covered! - ..can I add, if you are going to take out the corrector plate do it on (and over) the carpet, yup, that'll include being on your knees.. none of that 'handy' eye-hight comes into it unfortunately. Just a tip.
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