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  1. *Face palm* There is no hopefully ..lol Glad you got it sorted.
  2. Paper clips and glow in the dark ones, woot!
  3. But but but.. Swosh (the noise made when using one iirc) "X will set at bla bla " Just me?.. They are handy though.
  4. Glen

    I'm SAD

    Chin up fella! Your vitamin D fix is just round the corner. http://weatherspark.com/#!dashboard;q=London,+UK I Get it also.
  5. Wowza , glad you're ok. It can happen in an instant, but it goes to show why this is so important to realise what can happen to eyeballs, and I dread to think how many others will suffer due to not being prepared right what with all the hype. Heck Newton done it also.. being him, noted everything down - "day 45, I still see the shadow sun." And hey, you are not an idiot. but, if you do it again that may change
  6. yep, still gets a gasp!, well done peeps on the first light(s)
  7. Smear more cake over it! Yayy! Joking aside, a big smile and a pat on the head, followed by Baader wonder fluid, and lots of it.. Good luck.
  8. To note, most stuff like this (albeit perishable goods) have a 5 year fit for use refund policy from the manufacturer ..DONT get caught up in the "We can extend.. bs" They'll only do your doing. Sorry, felt I needed to say that James.
  9. Fallen of the back? more like left in the back..lol (pure speculation I may add.) Looking at you *insert dodgy delivery guy*
  10. I had a similar problem ( buy way of computer) that resolved itself to be a reversal of the hand pad functions N/S E/W that a hard reset or factory reset worked. Admittedly I was chasing satellites at the time but it might help?
  11. Fair play and great post! It's good to see a family get interested in astro, especially seeing things for the first time like you have.. most importantly remember it's your kit, you've got to watch out for those f.. Oh look clear skies.. j/k Welcome aboard
  12. Granted, I did lol Couldn't advise on Nikon, but I can quite easily pace out a Canon if it'll help.
  13. aaiiiii Thank you, Glad you found it! sure is a beauty in that wavelength and like you say, rather "peaceful" [?} far from it though
  14. Can always look up the SOHO data and see if you can find a comet to name! http://sohodata.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/data_query Depending on your connection, it may take a while to load, but people have named comets this way after themselves!. This was comet Lovejoy(C/2011 w3) not so long ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C/2011_W3_%28Lovejoy%29 wIikJDB811U Hope this helps a little.
  15. Any good[?] Might want to use "almanac" with your searches http://www.seasky.org/astronomy/astronomy-calendar-2012.html
  16. Infrared possibly 3vNDjAgPgs8 http://www.robgendlerastropics.com/Flame-ESO-Gendler.html
  17. Wow, beautiful. What's the film called when they take turns to look,(need to restart the sun or something/ flying into it) Got that feeling.
  18. That and a plank tied to my but it could be something else... Sorry being silly:o
  19. clinical studies show that wearing a 'tinfoil' hat actually emphasises the frequencies mostly used by government agency's.. must be true, fat bloke down the pub told me.
  20. Link to the aforementioned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hh2bjJwS6s
  21. No need to be nasty fella. That said if you have little 'faith' in the man, educate yourself more, they are dumber than you are led to believe
  22. Power of the media for you I'm afraid. In my opinion it'll be a good thing if 'anything happens' (they have it covered btw) even so, think of all the jobs created, thoughts provoked, and peeps thinking wtf in the event of a total blackout... again, it can not/wont happen. OK, maybe a few substations will fail, a couple of poorly maintained satellites go down so what Earth will continue to spin, and you will continue to smile until the next flap.
  23. All things considered that's a corking snap, like you say though.. hopefully we'll get a good morning..
  24. CFC, you'll need to know the amp draw of the scope and put a slightly overrated fuse in-line on the positive as far as I know (and that's not allot) just saying it can be done.
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