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  1. Nothing wrong with wing mirrors ....or flags. :)..or ribbon..or rabbit fur...and a little chrome...more flags wouldn't hurt right.?

    or mirrors.......did I mention mirrors?

    Thanks peeps. :p

  2. I could indeed be interesting, however some seem to be more concerned about less important details...

    My Apologies Earl, You Are Right. Sorry :o I can 'gob off'.

    Dose Anyone Think The Mirror Coatings Would Last This Long If Not Done Already?

    uhhgh.. painfull. :) Well..Can't join 'em..

    Must be what, at least 30 years old, and not having a pic of the mirror..hmmm. D.H. or not, that mirror needs more than a bath.IMHO :)

  3. Welcome to the lounge, I too, as many others 'lurked' and was shy of joining (at first!:)) and took a while to register to 'gob off' (sorry guys :hello2:)...

    You'll find it Ok here, like minded peeps sharing info 'n' pictures and all that good stuff, I'm sure you'll fit right in.

  4. The same chip as a DMK, for £10.....wonder if you could sign up 300 SGL-ers

    It'd be nice :( doubtful though. I'm just throwing the ball out there, it may even be 500 minimum order - like I say, i've not got round to asking.. (what do you say!?:dontknow:lol)

    Apparently they will point to a supplier if you only need one - might be worth chasing if you are interested.

  5. That looks very interesting ! Be sure to ask which CCD chip it is . Easy to mod for a scope and probably waaay cheaper than an SPC :(

    It's what i thought, It was a while ago but Pretty sure it's the same chip as one of the dmk cams or minatron :( and why I bookmarked it in the first place.

    They are a base manufacturer so they only do big orders unfortunately, but I'm terrible at this sort of thing :( Fill ya boots though if you want to :)

    Guessing they would need a minimum order of around 300 at £10 each though..

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