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  1. Nothing wrong with wing mirrors ....or flags. ..or ribbon..or rabbit fur...and a little chrome...more flags wouldn't hurt right.? or mirrors.......did I mention mirrors? Thanks peeps.
  2. Return of winter! We've just got out of it.. A warm welcome Martin (#HIP3802 )
  3. My Apologies Earl, You Are Right. Sorry I can 'gob off'. Dose Anyone Think The Mirror Coatings Would Last This Long If Not Done Already? uhhgh.. painfull. Well..Can't join 'em.. Must be what, at least 30 years old, and not having a pic of the mirror..hmmm. D.H. or not, that mirror needs more than a bath.IMHO
  4. Well done "Can't quite tell whats changed" J/k looks / feels the bees knees!!. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Great stuff.
  5. ## This is very helpful lol.
  6. Harder to do / understand for me cause I have to think.. that and Perl is 'short hand'. touch type..lol.. tap tap tap <me good fun nonetheless
  7. As a 'learner' of programming lingo this 'bugs' me allot. A keen thwack wouldn't go a miss
  8. Glen

    hello all

    Strap in! It could get bumpy.. A wonderful place up there. Grats on the scope phil.
  9. Glen

    New SGLer

    Welcome to the underground As been said check out the DIY section. Lots of info there.
  10. Glen


    :hello:Welcome to the lounge
  11. *waves* Hi Jim great scope. Look forward to the endeavours with your set-up.
  12. Glen

    brand newbie

    Geek Chic TYVM haha welcome Ewey
  13. Welcome to the lounge, seems like you are a 'dab hand' with your, er, hands! Clear skies to you too, Alan.
  14. Welcome to the lounge, I too, as many others 'lurked' and was shy of joining (at first!) and took a while to register to 'gob off' (sorry guys )... You'll find it Ok here, like minded peeps sharing info 'n' pictures and all that good stuff, I'm sure you'll fit right in.
  15. Just throwing it out there, but a good jet wash (ok scrub) then an IR reflective coat of paint, wouldn't matter too much if it got a little dirt on either.. http://www.ntt-at.com/products_e/surfcool/ HTH
  16. It'd be nice doubtful though. I'm just throwing the ball out there, it may even be 500 minimum order - like I say, i've not got round to asking.. (what do you say!?:dontknow:lol) Apparently they will point to a supplier if you only need one - might be worth chasing if you are interested.
  17. It's what i thought, It was a while ago but Pretty sure it's the same chip as one of the dmk cams or minatron and why I bookmarked it in the first place. They are a base manufacturer so they only do big orders unfortunately, but I'm terrible at this sort of thing Fill ya boots though if you want to Guessing they would need a minimum order of around 300 at £10 each though..
  18. Cheers John, I think the beeb are doing a show all about the transit in early June. Ninja Edit http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01jszy4
  19. Without doubt pushing the limit of the spc900, stunning. Well done eyepod great shots.
  20. I've been eye balling this site - but not got around to emailing yet. Same boards as some top end spec stuff. http://www.videologyinc.com/cameras/ccd-board-camera-20K13XUSB-C.htm#ccd-board-camera-20K13XUSB-C=overview
  21. Welcome aboard Ninja, To Err Is Human...Ask away! No such thing as a silly question.
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