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  1. Nothing wrong with wing mirrors ....or flags. ..or ribbon..or rabbit fur...and a little chrome...more flags wouldn't hurt right.? or mirrors.......did I mention mirrors? Thanks peeps.
  2. Return of winter! We've just got out of it.. A warm welcome Martin (#HIP3802 )
  3. My Apologies Earl, You Are Right. Sorry I can 'gob off'. Dose Anyone Think The Mirror Coatings Would Last This Long If Not Done Already? uhhgh.. painfull. Well..Can't join 'em.. Must be what, at least 30 years old, and not having a pic of the mirror..hmmm. D.H. or not, that mirror needs more than a bath.IMHO
  4. Well done "Can't quite tell whats changed" J/k looks / feels the bees knees!!. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Great stuff.
  5. ## This is very helpful lol.
  6. Harder to do / understand for me cause I have to think.. that and Perl is 'short hand'. touch type..lol.. tap tap tap <me good fun nonetheless
  7. As a 'learner' of programming lingo this 'bugs' me allot. A keen thwack wouldn't go a miss
  8. Glen

    hello all

    Strap in! It could get bumpy.. A wonderful place up there. Grats on the scope phil.
  9. Glen

    New SGLer

    Welcome to the underground As been said check out the DIY section. Lots of info there.
  10. Glen


    :hello:Welcome to the lounge
  11. *waves* Hi Jim great scope. Look forward to the endeavours with your set-up.
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