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  1. Cheers for that. Hopefully it fixes the bug with the DEC jumping issue! (Which mione doesn't seem to have) Do you mind confirming your MC version after upgrading yours? Mine is 02.04.03. The version on the website is 02.04. (02.04.0???) I am to scared to upgrade, incase it goes backwards in revision Cheers
  2. I will hopefully be trying out my EQ3 Pro tonight at guiding. I have previously, but in PC direct mode. Tonight, if it clears, I will be trying it with EQMOD, and the EQDIR adapter. I will report how it goes, but I am only going to be imaging at a max of 200mm FL. I honestly think the DEC guide problem lies in the amount of backlash in the mount. (besides the previous motor controller problem), but here's to hoping it all works OK. Otherwise, I will be aligning as best as I can, and only guiding in RA. Here's to hoping. Will let you know how it goes.
  3. TBH, I don't think it will be suitable for such a long focal length. You also mentioned putting it all into a backpack. Remember you will need to power it with 12VDC, so even a small 20Ah bat is going to be very heavy, with all your other equipment. What are you looking at imaging?
  4. The EQ3 Pro Synscan is very nice, and very portable. I am not familiar with the C5, what focal length, weight etc is that?
  5. That is seriously impressive, especially through a ST102 and unguided. Nice result!
  6. Use the default settings in the beginning, and work from there. With your setup, it should all work fine.
  7. What I would say is get your focus during the day, on a distant subject, and fine tune at night, on a bright subject. It beats fumbling on your first night, when all you want to do is start guiding and imaging.
  8. Hi all Anyone have a good idea of the differences between these two mounts mechanically? I have seen the CG-4 comes with a more heavy/sturdy tripod and has a different weight extension bar attachment. I also have seen mention that the CG4 has bearings on both axis, which seems the SW does aswell? Thanks Grant
  9. If you have an ASCOMM compatible mount, just connect to mount in APT, connect up you 1000d, and away you go. You don't need PHD connected for DARV.
  10. If it helps, I had a similar setup. 1000d DSLR, coma corrector, 150PDS, HEQ5, ST80 with lifecam as autoguider. Here's one of what I managed http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/124780-rosette-nebula-dslr.html
  11. Yeah, I understood what you meant Peter. Just never knew the L lenses are parafocal, and haven't used mine a lot yet. (And I didn't know the difference between parafocal and parfocal) It seems a bit more difficult to find a bright enough star to focus on when @ 70mm, but I'll get it right eventually. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks John, I'll give it another go tomorrow morning, if I manage to wake up
  13. Thanks Kev, it's a nice little lens for the money. I didn't know that it was supposed to be parfocal, thanks Peter. Here's a stack of 5min shots with the 50 @ f4, much better I think.
  14. Thanks Peter, I'll give that a go. Just wondering, do you think the Canon F4 L @ 70mm would be better? Cheers
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