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  1. I too have the EQ5 Mount driven in Single Axis (RA) by the Skywatcher Standard Battery Operated Drive and for keeping an object in the EP FOV works really well - it's one of the best upgrades I have made to the mount. I didn't go for the dual drive because although the Declination Axis is powered it doesn't actually track along that axis - you have to move it yourself using the control panel buttons. Having said that my EQ3-2 mount has the SW Dual Drives and I can confirm that battery life on either system is very good.
  2. The stainless steel legs (complete with head for attaching the mount to) are advertised as being for EQ5 (they are sold apparently to replace older style EQ5 mounts that came with aluminium legs!) but they will also fit the EQ3-2 mount as well (the EQ3-2 and EQ5 mounts are different of course but the base of the mount (where it attaches to the head of the tripod) are the same size. The weak point of the EQ3-2 mount and tripod assembly appears to be the combination of aluminium legs and plastic connectors between the head and the legs so replacing these with the "EQ5" stainless steel tripod sho
  3. Can't speak for the new TALs (all mine are a bit ancient!) but the idea with the threaded reticule is that you screw it into the 25mm EP and use it to aid your aligning with the finderscope. Once done, remove the reticule and replace the EP. Saves trying to judge the centre of your FOV I suppose (although most people manage quite well without resorting to EP cross hairs!).
  4. Hi and welcome to Stargazer's Lounge. You'll find lots of helpful advice here so ask away!
  5. I have both EQ3-2 and EQ5 mounts/tripods and can confirm that they are interchangeable (the head of both tripods are the same). You might also consider adding a pillar extension (Orion US branded but I think Chinese-made by Synta). Pillar Extension for EQ5/HEQ5 mount - Telescopes UK: Telescopes & Telescope Accessories in your only London shop This raises the mount by 16" but then allows you to effectively shorten the tripod leg height (by not extending the legs) thereby increasing the stiffness of the overall assembly (and it keeps the mount at roughly the original height). Although adver
  6. Hi Hex! Good report and glad to hear that you are pleased with your new TAL refractor. I too have a TAL 100RS (but it's a 2001 vintage model) and gave it an outing last night ... lovely views of Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Mars. I can confirm that the Baader Hyperion Zoom works very well with this scope (and also barlows well). My TAL is mounted on an EQ5 with 16" pillar extension - lifts the scope a fair way off the ground but it's more comfortable for me to use (being 6'2") without having to resort to kneeling on the ground!
  7. Thanks Andy I'll order a 10" length from them and ask them to cut it into two pieces - they should be able to cut it squarer than me! Gary
  8. Thanks Andy - will give that a try. How far from the end of the finder scope should the dew shield extend do you think? Am thinking 75mm (1.5 x Aperture) should be enough but don't want to get tunnel vision through the finder! Was thinking of using Forward Metals (Ebay) for the tube since they will cut to size - have you any experience with these guys? Thanks for the quick reply to previous posts by the way - much appreciated. Sorry for delay in response! Gary
  9. Hi All! Have recently acquired a rather nice TAL 8 x 50 Finderscope. Optics look OK but the objective lens is VERY dirty & dusty. Wondered if I should attempt to clean it (or not!). Any advice appreciated ... don't want to damage either the lens or its rather fetching purple multicoat! Also, its dewshield is missing. Anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement (TAL or otherwise) Many thanks! Gary
  10. Hi & Welcome to SGL from a fellow TAL owner!
  11. I wonder if the Seller of the TAL-1M knows much about the scope .... it looks a lot like a TAL-2M to me (hard to tell with the photos)? Nice Generation II 25mm Plossl included though!
  12. Great idea Andy! I have a couple of TAL Scopes and find it's a bit hit & miss searching the forum. Having said that the stuff I have found has been incredibly helpful. thanks ALL!! Gary
  13. Hi Andy. Welcome to the forum from a fellow newbie. There's lots of good advice here.
  14. Hi & welcome to the forum
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