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  1. Hello there! I got conjunctivitis and I know the lenses are infected... When I first noticed that I had it, I stopped using my binos for about 2 weeks. After those weeks, I tryed it again and got back this infection =/ And after my mom watched the sky through the binos, she got red eyes too! So, how can I clean the lenses and the rubber that fits around the eye without damaging the binos? Alcohol? Thank you all!
  2. I'm a novice in astronomy, so I don't know anything about mathematics and only a few things about fisics... But I want to know if the jupiter's gravity do anything on earth, like the moon affects the tide of the oceans? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. with only a collimation tool, can I reach a very good collimation? or is needed a startest?
  4. I bought the SkyWatcher 6" dob. and I got the manual... Well, the manual teaches how to collimate the telescope. Well, I've seen the Astro Baby's guide to collimate, and it is a little bit more complicated, so I was wondering... Which of them should I use? the Astro Baby's or the manual? I mean, will the manual give me 100% collimated telescope? Thanks!
  5. Hello! It has been some time that I hear this term and I know it has to do with collimation, but I don't know what it is, how to do it and what is the point of doing it? Can you guys help me? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm just about to buy a SkyWatcher Skyliner 6" dobsonian, a pair of binos (8x56 octans bak4), and a barlow from GSO (2" 2x). I'm also buying a Cheschire from GSO to collimate my dob *-* OMG I'm REALLY excited!!! *-* OMG! =)
  7. What about USA? My brother live in USA and he can buy it, see it is all ok and then ship it to me! Thanks for replying!
  8. Thanks!!! Well, I want to buy eyepieces... Do you think they can break during the shipping? Thanks (again)! =)
  9. Hey guys thanks!!! I think I'll post one reply for each one, so my posts will get up to 50 fast!!!
  10. Does Threads counts as a post? I'm from Brazil
  11. Hi to all!!! I want to buy a Barlow lenses and eyepieces, but I want it used... Where can I find them? How do I know if they're in a good shape? My brother live in USA and he can ship them to me. Once I read here in SGL that it has a section where you can buy and sell used stuffs. Where should I look for this section? (I couldn't find) and how do I know if I can trust the seller? Thank you all in advance!!!
  12. Yeah I know. I did it because I need fast answers... The only store that has dob. telescopes in Brazil is getting their shipping tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow... so I got to decide what I'll get before that. The last stock they got, it took about 5 or 6 hours to get empty... and the next one will be in about... 3-4 months. I'm sorry for this double thread, but I'm really in a need =\ Thank you all in advance!
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