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    Music, art, cycling, hiking and of course, the night sky.
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    Selsey, West Sussex
  1. Thanks Steve [emoji4] For a variety of reasons my emphasis going forward will be very much on binocular stargazing, so your newsletters will likely prove invaluable! Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  2. Phew, didn't want the Sun adding to our ongoing battle with street lamps and security lights. Cheers All!
  3. Observing The Pleiades with 'Stars' (Brian Eno) through the headphones is a truly magical experience!
  4. I was out Monday night around midnight looking for the Andromeda Galaxy. I eventually found it, though more by luck than judgement due to the brightness over in the west. Would the current increase in solar activity make for a brighter sky, or is it simply just my imagination?!!
  5. Finally got some half-decent views of the Andromeda Galaxy the other night, though it was around midnight and in a fairly bright part of the sky. When would be the best time of year to observe it - i.e. not too high overhead but still in a nice, dark sky?
  6. Just noticed you can download 'Sunshine (Music from the Motion Picture)' off of iTunes. There's some great stuff on there and 'Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor)' is epic. Apologies if anyone's already pointed this out!
  7. Please PM me some details regarding the mini-caravan ...it looks superb!!
  8. HUGE thanks to Adam @ Rother Valley for his help last week - much appreciated. The 150P was christened with fine views of Jupiter!
  9. I'm a real music nut so dead chuffed to have re-ignited this thread. Am now looking forward to checking out all these new tunes. Just thought of another cracker ...'Pleiades' by King's X.
  10. I'm a bit on the slow side with this one - mind you I did only join last night! It's Enigma all the way for me - the album 'A Posteriori' inspired me to get back under the stars again. It's very space-y .....man!
  11. Just thought I'd say 'G'day!' and thank all those who contributed to past threads on equipment suppliers, the Skywatcher Explorer 150P and more recently, Comet Hartley. After what seems an eternity I've finally started looking up at the night sky again and am looking forward to receiving a shiny new telescope later on in this week. Here's to clear skies then. Oh, and apologies in advance for the inane questions which are bound to follow in the coming weeks and months!!
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