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  1. 125 lights at 70 seconds,15 darks, and 15 flats at 800iso. It was shot with a canon t100 on a cg5 mount with a sct 6, tracked! I don't know what i'm doing in processing but i will learn, and shoot more darks etc. This is my first M31 with dust lanes so it is a big deal for me, i see something other than just a fuzzy star! Cheers!
  2. About 15 lights at 1 minute 20sec, 8 darks. iso 800, Processed with gimp! Shot with a Canon t100 on a cg5 mount with a sct 6! Tracked!
  3. turbotim


    Wow nice shot!
  4. 10 lights at 55 sec, 10darks, 10flats. Shot at 3200 iso. Put a polar scope in my mount for the first time, It was also the first time i could zoom in on my pic and not see trailing, what a good feeling! Just need to do better all around, processing etc, and maybe a lower iso with longer exposure times thanks for looking, have a great day! Shot on a advanced gt with a celestron sct 6! I know i still have a lot to learn as u can tell from the pic!
  5. Hey u were exactly right! It was right on the cameras sensor! thank u for your help it is much appreciated wimvb!
  6. Incredible , those stars are on point , Nice image,
  7. Ok Wim i will try gimp next time thx for the tip! When i do a shot in the house with just camera i see no dust particals on the shot so i think its coming from the scope! But well see!
  8. Shot with Canon eos t100. About 5 1min exposures with 3 darks, iso 1600. Done by putting The north star through mount without polar scope! I will be ordering polar scope soon, i think it will help lol. Processed with Raw therapy. Hey i am very happy but i do need to fiqure out how to get rid of and where those smudges/black dot came from i just cleaned telescope lens before shot. But maybe a dust partical fell on it or i missed one. I dont think its on cameras sensor!
  9. The moon shot with Canon eos rebel t100 through an sct 6inch!
  10. Taken with modified webcam,barlow. on 6inch with celestron gt mount! Near the top of the pic, are those just rocks? If u look at the shadows, there a kind of triangular shape! Are those just rocks? Or spaceships!
  11. Wow that couldn't of been easy, amazing shot!
  12. Shot with a celestron 6inch on a cg5 with a modified webcam, then put into registax. I messed with the wavelets slightly, then I put it in gimp and brought the brightness down a little. Im very pleased cause all I expected was a ball of light or nothing. Wind was also gusing to 20mph on a bouncy porch. Have a great day and thanks for looking. I also used a barlow lens.
  13. Wow i never knew there were tad poles in space! Amazing shot!
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