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  1. Taken with modified webcam,barlow. on 6inch with celestron gt mount! Near the top of the pic, are those just rocks? If u look at the shadows, there a kind of triangular shape! Are those just rocks? Or spaceships!
  2. Wow that couldn't of been easy, amazing shot!
  3. Shot with a celestron 6inch on a cg5 with a modified webcam, then put into registax. I messed with the wavelets slightly, then I put it in gimp and brought the brightness down a little. Im very pleased cause all I expected was a ball of light or nothing. Wind was also gusing to 20mph on a bouncy porch. Have a great day and thanks for looking. I also used a barlow lens.
  4. Wow i never knew there were tad poles in space! Amazing shot!
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