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  1. I have seen a few handheld, This is probably the best I have seen.
  2. Oh, I thought it was my account cos I tried to comment... unable to. Ahh now I see why.
  3. You could always find a good spot which might requries a drive away to a darker site... Where do you actually live? I am also in a LP area too... It sucks cos it limits what you can see.
  4. Amazing picture olly... /me wonders why olly isnt a moderator, I reckon he would do an amazing job just like his picture!... keep it up olly
  5. I'm really sorry to hear that, If I have to pick a star, It would be the middle star of the Orion Belt. Or the mizar 2 stars. My condolences.
  6. Jupiter will be back soon... You can just observe Jupiter instead. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the Great Orion of Nebula... Not sure when it's back but I'll know when I see it
  7. Just keep checking the " For Sale " section, Someone surely wouldn't be able to make it then sell their pitch, I have sold my pitch for April star party due to my wife being pregnant and was risky for us to go. Perhaps try to do a " wanted " post in For sale section in August? Probably would be your best bet.
  8. Here's mine I watched on video about a 1 - 2 hours ago.
  9. I use imageshack to upload a picture.
  10. Just saw Mizar and Saturn.
  11. Well since i'm expecting my first baby daughter on 26th Oct, I been looking around to buy a DSLR camera But I really don't know much about those cameras, Was wondering whats a good one to buy, I was edging toward 550D canon. I would like to perhaps use a T ring on it for my telescope? I don't think i'll also get it modded. Can spend around £600'ish pounds. Sorry I don't really know where to post this topic.
  12. 17th is also our 1st year wedding anniversary.. I agree with the middle one. It's better than 1st and 3rd.
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