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  1. Hi all, Here is an image of the galaxy M81 taken with Takahashi BRC250 + Sbig ST-10XME for subframe of 900 seconds in the sky of the high mountains (1500m - Mt. Amiata) of the Tuscany region of central Italy - filter= Luminance: Image standard: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1200_n60/m81_brc_L.html Image HiRes: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1200_n60/m81_brc_L_hires.html Map LowRes: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1200_n60/m81_brc_L_map.html Map HiRes: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1200_n60/m81_brc_L_map_hires.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.da
  2. Hi all, I will introduce an old photo taken in 2007, but new process. M78 made Flat Field Camera 760/4 + ccd Sbig ST-10XME: image: http://www.danilopiv.../m78_ffc_L.html Map: http://www.danilopiv..._map_hires.html I also added an old photo of 2005 to compare the nebula McNeil: http://www.danilopiv...L_det_2005.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato
  3. Hi all, a new image of the Rosette Nebula with Pentax SDUF II & SBIG ST-10XME + filter in H-alpha from Rome: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/0600_00/rosetta_sduf_ha.html Map with catalogue of Bok Globules (under): http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/0600_00/rosetta_sduf_ha_map.html Map in Hires: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/0600_00/rosetta_sduf_ha_map_hires.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
  4. Hi all, Ektachrome E200 6x7cm (120) Exposed: 33 minuts for single shot: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/0600_00/widefield.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
  5. GlassWlker & Keiran,, thank you! The filter used is the H-Alpha Astronomik 6nm Danilo Pivato
  6. Thank you all, You are very kind! It 'possible that I realized a large mosaic of the entire area. Best regards, Danilo Pivato
  7. Hi all, Still a new shots in H-alpha made with a telephoto lens of 300mm f/2.8 + ccd ST-10XME directly from Rome. http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/0600_00/m42_m43_300mm_ha.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato
  8. Hi all, WideField analogic made Mamiya 6x7cm, with lenses 110mm f/2,8 http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1900_s30/widefield.html In this other link instead the overview of the Tabula: RA 19h00m Dec: -30°00' http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1900_s30/1900_s30.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
  9. Image made with Telelens APO Mamiya 250mm on Ektachrome E200 (400ISO) http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1900_s30/m22_250mm_c.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
  10. The first fact with the Flat Field Camera: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1900_s30/m22_ffc_L.html The second run with the Takahashi BRC250: http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coeli/1900_s30/m22_brc_L.html Both shots with the same CCD: ST-10XME Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
  11. Hi all, here's a circumpolar image I captured the night september 21-22 from the Saddle Mt. Aquila (2335m): http://www.danilopivato.com/miscellany/star_trails/circumpolar_from_gran_sasso.html Best regards, Danilo Pivato www.danilopivato.com
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