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  1. Geez thats a crock of rubbish,think i had been on the drink. Th first one was taken around 00.30 so the skies were proper dark but the cloud had started to roll in. The SECOND two were taken around 22.45. Just noticed something,where's the bliddy edit button?
  2. Cheers Simon. The first one was taken around 00.30 so the skies were prpoer darl but the cluod had started to rollin. The first two were taken around 22.45 so the twilight was still giving the sky a nice blue glow.
  3. Myself and a couple of others from the Caithness Astronomy group,Gordon Mackie and Maciek Winiarczyk went out to Brough harbour on a pre aurora reccy.We reckoned this would make a great scene for a good aurora display.The bright glow on the horizon comes from the Flotta gas flare stack. The last shot shows a faint hint of aurora on the horizon to the left of the rock stack.Thinkit will make an impressive scene when a strong display comes our way.
  4. They most certainly are.If we weren't so far out of the way then there would be a dark sky park up here.The skies up here are much darker than at Galloway's dark sky park.
  5. My kinda room,great shot.Dont think it needs a longer image,there's enough in the milky way to enhance a lot more detail and contrast from it.
  6. For the first time i decided to download the edition onto my ipad just to see what it was like.Quite impressed with it,runs smoothly and no bugs or none that i've found. Might subscribe to it through the ipad.
  7. Aurora in the Gloaming2 made the Hotshots in this months Sky@Night Magazine. Well chuffed with that.
  8. Loch Meadie is a cracker of a Loch.love the tree line.Gordon emailed me last night but didnt say where he was planning going. If i get a message or a call from him and we deside where we're going will let you know.
  9. Yes,have noticed the low clouds at Loch More really pic up the distant LP even though the site itself is really dark. Weather permitting,and the forecast looks reasonable just now,may be going to catch some milky way photons with Gordon tonight.Will be keeping an eye on the aurora as well.The solar wind may trigger some minor activity tonight.
  10. Cracking NLC's and a great tree lined horizon.
  11. Cracking astroscapes mate,didnt realise just how dark it was at the Causiemire wind farm.Thought the LP from the towns along the coast would show up more. When i've been up at Loch More which is only a few miles from here,it was surprising how all the towns and villages showed up along the coast.Mind you it is a good bit higher up.
  12. I'm not bothered about the comments on my posts,i'm more concerned at the lack of comments in general.The number of images posted and the interst shown in the images seems down on the usual.Yes i know its just past summer and the light nights but there still seems a lack of posts compared to normal.
  13. Great shots Maciek,thankfully our nights of the midnight sunlight are over and the skies are now dark around 11.
  14. Very nice indeed Paul,especially the meteor over the pleiades.Sounds like you had a great night.
  15. You haven't read it and are unwilling to read it so how can you come up with the opinion that its a load of garbage?Theories evolve,new discoveries are made. Just remember,Gallileo once came up with heliocentrism,the ludicrous idea that the earth and other planets orbited the sun.That was described as heresy by those narrow minded "experts" of the day but they did have the decency to listen and read what he said first before calling him a heretic. If you're going to be so dismissive of anything new at least find out what has been said or written first.
  16. No need to give up,thats a very good first image and a lot better than you think.Stars are in focus,very sharp. Give yourself a bit of credit.
  17. Thats a good start.Focus is just a tad off.A foreground object of interest always helps the composition of the shot.I dont envy you your location.Having worked in Derby and been quite astonished at the LP in the midlands in general i dont think i would even bother taking up astronomy.Perhaps i'm spoilt up here but it really was depressing seeing all that lights,even the main constellation stars were hard to make out. I think anything but the shortest exposures will turn out orange given your location but maybe someone with experience from the midlands could advise you on that. Heres a link that shows you how to get rid of light pollution using photoshop. http://galacticfool....tion-photoshop/ Cheers Stewart.
  18. My DSO's were a disaster usually,got the odd ok result but it was a struggle and not a lot of enjoyment. At least with star trails or widefield astro shots i get out into the country and can lie back and view the sky form a dark site,usually. In the town the LP seemed to get worse over the last few years and also the neighbours in every direction seem to have all their lights on all night, turning my normally dark garden into a floodlit arena so i gave it up.
  19. Thank you both for your generous comments,however as you are the only 2 to bother commenting in 2 days i think the vast majority on here will beg to differ. I was very pleased with the shot but more importantly we had a great evenings viewing and hopefully we can have another sometime soon Gordon. Maybe a get together for the next solar storm.that would get everyone oohing and awing.
  20. Star trails from Dunnet Head,with some NLC's,faint aurora,a Persied meteor and Jupiter and the moom rising out of the sea.
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