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  1. I think ionised nitrogen is blue through to purple and excited Nitrogen is red,you sometimes get a red nitrogen band along the bottom edge of aurora but i agree that the first shots are a better colour. http://www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/4D.html
  2. Tilted horizon? Its not a proper horizon though is it? The shape of the loch surely dictates whether the "horizon is straight or not. The right third of the shot is level,thats where the far shore is nearest,the other two thirds are where the loch meanders in and out into the distance and if i had taken another shot further to the left,beyond the bottom end of the loch,then the shore would slope back the other way as it got nearer.Thats my amateurish opinion of it anyway.
  3. Yep,its rained heavy here for a couple of days,missed the aurora storm from yesterday but tonight looks like there might be some lengthy clear spells.The solar wind thats due to hit today will hopefully give us a repeat of last nights aurora. I would be very surprised if it didnt.
  4. Clouded out mate,got a few shots but nothing worth posting.I think i'm due a break on the aurora front.Keep missing the decent displays for one reason or another.
  5. Another one from Loch More,this time a wee bit more vibrant and arty(farty) Vibrant Milky Way by Stewart Watt, on Flickr
  6. Canon 5DMKII with a Canon 17-40mm L lens. 30 second exposure 17mm f4.5 ISO 6400 for the first shot and 12800 for the second.I was having a little experiment with high ISO settings.
  7. My favourite dark sky location.Was hoping to spend a couple of hours out here tonight but the cloud rolled in after about 40 mins or so. Got a few shots so it wasnt a wasted trip.The first shot was taken as the mily way first showed up beside the twilight on the right.
  8. After watching the Ryder Cup last night i stauck my head out into the garden to see if there was anything doing.The Interplanetary magnetic field was at 16 south so the CME that hit earlier would make its way much firther south than it would otherwise. Turned out to be a strong KP 7 storm.The full moon ruined it a little but as this photo shows aurora can be seen easily from the confines of the town and the full moonlight.Not a location of choice but i couldnt be bothere going out along the coast at 1 in the morning. It was either this or my bedroom window and i dont think the boss would have appreciated me opening the bedroom window at 1 in the morning ruining her beauty sleep.
  9. Stunning images Jon and i think they've just about made my mind up to get a 15mm fisheye,been thinking about it but not sure but this sways it for me.Great compositions and gorgeous colour too.
  10. Just as nature intended? Do do you have something against processing?
  11. Check out the Carrington event on wiki. The strongest solar flare on record hit in 1859.Aurora were seen in the caribbean.We are overdue a "biggy" and this solar cycle is vey similar to cycle 10 when tis event happened. Would be brilliant to see,on the minus side it would probably fry everything on the planet and end our use of mobile phones,internet,tv etc for a while.The world would be in utter chaos.
  12. Well Paul,they could be right.The peak of the solar cycle is due sometime in the next year so and there are always good displays a couple of years either side of the peak so if the sun does deliver some strong CME's then who knows,we could well get some superb displays. Every solar cycle there are on average four KP 9 storms,thats the huge ones that can spark aurora as far south as France and beyond. There have been none so far coming up to this peak.Also on average there are 100 KP8 storms every cycle and i dont think there have been any of those either so this is either the lull before the storm or this cycle peak is going to be much weaker than predicted.It has already been downgraded from one of the strongest in decades so maybe Astronomy Ireland have some inside info on what the sun will do over the next couple of years. Were all certainly hoping for big things and know roughly when the cycle will peak but its all in the hands of the sun as to how wonderful and how frequent the displays will be.
  13. From the display on 3rd September. Clouded out for most of the night,in fact i had given up seeing anything.Just stuck my head out into the garden on the off chance that a clear patch might show. Eventually i got lucky with this shot but a few minutes later the clouds blew in again and covered everything. Not a great location but its the view from my garden,with all the cloud about i couldnt be bothered going out.
  14. Superb series of shots Dave.You'll need a KP 8 or 9 to match that in the UK.
  15. Another idea is these little hand warmers,just fix to the lens using an elesatic band. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Hotties-Pocket-Warmers-Winter/dp/B001G6SQMG/ref=pd_sim_sbs_sg_1
  16. It wouldnt have to be on constantly,i live next to the sea and in the winter the air is ridiculously "wet" but if you give the lens the hair dryer treatment for afew minutes every 15 to 15 mins or so you shouldnt have any problems.I used to just put the camera inside my jumper for about 10 minutes,that was enough to clear any fogging and usually lasted me a good 15mins before it fogged again.Its never a problem if you are just shooting nightscapes but i've lost a few good timelapse sequences through fogging so thats why i bougth a battery hair dryer this summer.Dont want to ruin any aurora timelapses.
  17. Forgot to add they are 50 miles or 83 km up,never higher,never lower,close to the Mesopause where temperatures are -90C
  18. Sorry but these are not noctilucent clouds,you only get them after the sun has set and only when the sun is between 6 to 16 degrees below the horizon. Noctilucent means night shining so you never get them during daylight hours.You get them between 50 and 70 degrees North usually although the band they are seen in keeps widening with ones reported further north and south oveer the last few years.
  19. A star trail image from our last trip out to Brough.This was part of an ongoing timelape project so i thought i might as well make up some star trails as well,stacked using Starstax.
  20. Next time we're there and its cold we'll just have a big bonfire on the shore.That should realy confuse the seals.
  21. Fabulous image Jim,you're the number 1 at these gorgeous widefiefd images. You keep turning out these gems. Keep them coming mate.
  22. Thanks Mark.Its okay,my keyboard just took a dyslexic turn and as usual i never checked what i had typed.A good typist i aint.
  23. Thanks Maciek.My milky way shots were kinda spoiled by a lot of very thin cloud but it was a nice night,calm and not cold. I can imagine standing there in the middle of winter with a strong north wind blowing in our faces,freeezing cold waitng for the aurora to appear. No pain,no gain.
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