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  1. Great shots Gordon,i noticed the display brightened almost as soon as i got home,had a look through the patio doors and could see a bit of dancing going on but by this time i had my feet on top of a hot water bottle so i wasnt going anywhere.
  2. At least this time there is a hint of the aurora's first arrival between the rock stack and the headland.
  3. Canon 5DMKII and Canon 17-40 L lens 25 seconds f 5.6 ISO 1250 The 5DMKII is excellent for low noise at high ISO's so anything up to ISO 2500 is relatively noise free but even at 6400 it isnt bad at all.
  4. Took this shot on Friday night whilst waiting for the incoming CME to hit. Dunnet beach by Stewart Watt, on Flickr
  5. Yes,its a bit over the top but the 5DMKII handles it reasonably well and a once over with imagenomic noise reduction smooths things out not to bad.
  6. Canon 5DMKII and Canon 17-40mmL lens. 30 second exposure 17mm at f4 ISO 12800. A series of levels and curves adjustments in CS4 to boost the detail and contrast.
  7. Cheers Archie,hope you do manage a return and the lights put on a show for you.
  8. Unfortunately us northern softies succumb to it as well,i usually manage to fend it off not to bad and carry on as normal but this one has given me a vicious sore head and if there's one thing i wimp out about then its headaches.
  9. A shot taken from Thurso Beach last night Sunday 12th Nov.Didnt feel like going out because of the dreaded man flu the aurora had been building up for a few hours and once a few rays started dancing i had to dash down to the beach. Thurso Beach Aurora Panorama by Stewart Watt, on Flickr
  10. Dont know whats happened to the original image but here it is again.
  11. It certainly is a great spot,luckily we're spoilt for choice up here.
  12. Couldn't agree more.Stupidity and ignorance seem to rule the waves these days.If people use common sense and proper viewing equipment then nearly all these retinal burns would have been prevented.14% of people who watched the eclipse were using solar filter eyepieces its said. How many i wonder had a little peep at the sun without them,just to see the difference when they put them on.I've seen it on videos of eclipses ,people in the crowd moving their glasses up and down like Eric Morcambe.
  13. Cheers Dave,I like the desrciption of the sea,must remember that one.
  14. All my images get the photoshop treatment,whether its a simple vibrancy or saturation adjustment or usually i go mental and adjust everything till i get something that pops out at you.
  15. Another shot from Nov 1st. Aurora from Castlehill pier by Stewart Watt, on Flickr
  16. Its a great bit of software.Excellent shot and if it annoys the purists then the jobs a goodun.
  17. Most definitely,there was a lot of activity under the main arc but you just couldnt pick it up visually most of the time. Occasionally you could make out a second arc and a few shimmering "wavy curtain" effect movements .The best time was around 6pm when the moon was low,it was also behind thick low cloud which kept the skies darker for a little bit longer. This was the first shot of the evening taken frm Thurso harbour,we then went further afield on a little mini tour of locations.
  18. 3 shot pano from last nights aurora display.Wanted to get the moon in shot which caused me no end of grief. This was taken from Castlehill Heritage site,the headland on the horizon is Dunnet Head,mainland Britains most northerly point.
  19. I'm lucky enough to have several great locations only a few miles away,one of the advantages of living in highland choochter land. Plenty of miles and miles of uninhabited hills,peatland and moors .In fact the Caithness /Sutherland flow country has the largest area of blanket bog in europe, something like 4000 square kilometers of it.That hinders the builders a bit
  20. The orange glow is from Thurso,a 10,000 pop town about 6 miles away,obviously its not that bad to the naked eye but the long exposure and high ISO brings it out a lot more. Sometimes LP can be a good thing.
  21. Thanks for the comments guys. Its a 30 second exposure. It certainly is :-)
  22. Satelite trails are all part of the night sky,i left it in because its not that much of an eyesore. Its a 30 second exposure 17 mm f4.5 ISO 6400
  23. The big problem at this time of night is that BOTH horizons are usually tilted,one you can deal with but two is a right younowwhatsit.
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