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  1. Thanks for your comments.Peter,the weather has been rubbish of late,even when the rest of the country was getting decent falls of snow we just got a little dusting. its been bitterly cold with an Easterly wind for a few weeks,constantly cloudy especially at nights.The last 3 days however have been beautiful and sunny with clear frosty nights so hope it continues.
  2. Comet,a bit of aurora,airglow,twilight,milky way and some zodiacal light.Worth putting up with -7C
  3. Probably because it happened so quickly,no time to prepare for it.Its not like they could get a warning and have time to set up a camera in the direction of the incoming meteor.It would have already gone overhead by the time anyone would have realised what was happening.If you dont know something as quick as this is going to happen then your going to miss it.The vast majority of clips actually capturing meteors on the likes of you tube are taken by amateurs so your statement about amateurs always missing the event is far from true. As for your friends shuttle video,well thats an event which has a time scale so there is no excuse to miss the shuttle during a launch.Plenty of time to have a trial run,get a good viewpoint etc so to miss the shuttle is down to poor planing and appalling technique.
  4. I did but both shadows are me from 2 different lights up on the harbour breakwater.
  5. The main peak of the display only lasted a few minutes when the sky lit up to about 60 degrees,was hoping for a little more but it was a weak "storm" so didnt get the chance to build up a good strength of activity although it did reach the max of 10 but only for a short time.Got a real surprise at the amount of red an show. I'm sure you'll get some cracking images up there with displays being overhead so long as there is even minor activity,good luck.
  6. After a lull in the aurora of about 6 weeks it finally made a return with a big splash of red..Thurso beach,Caithness.
  7. Have to agree,bored with the first one,lasted about half way through the second and didnt bother putting it on tonight.Just couldnt get motivated for it ,or by it at all.
  8. Stunning detail,a superb image.
  9. Awesome shots.You couldnt wish for more exotic foreground objects.
  10. Cracking detailed shots.Managed to get a brief glimpse of it later in the evening but there was so much cloud i didnt bother setting up the scope.
  11. Cheers mate,with any luck this time next year we'll all be snapping Comet ISON and not give the milky way a second glance. Possible daylight comet,now woudn't that be something,or will it break up?Only time will tell.
  12. A real star among stars,will never be forgotten.
  13. Beautiful shot mate,cant beat a 5DMKII for night time image quality.
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