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  1. So, so cool. I have to try this at some time.
  2. Thanks everyone I will try for even longer next time!! Thank you! I took a 1000 frame avi every 2 minutes for about 2 hours then I stacked them into single images in registax. Then I used after effects to stabalise it and render out an mov. So it took a good long time to do. It took a few days to do a little bit every day after work!
  3. Hey all! I took this a while back and I haven't had the time to post it: It was taken on a Skywatcher Equinox 120 and a DMK 21au04, mounted on a CG5 mount. I took about 80 1000 frame videos, which took a loooooong time!! Thanks, Laura
  4. Thanks guys! I have had a lot of trouble with focus so it is good to know the struggle was worth it
  5. So sorry! I fear it is not really worth the wait but I gave up and made uploaded it to youtube
  6. Ooopps! Sorry I don't know if this is working now? I could see it on my laptop but not on my other machine!
  7. Hey there, I spent a little time out in the garden making a time-lapse last night so I thought I would post it. This was taken on a skywatcher equinox 120 mounted on a CG5 mount with an imaging source DMK 21AU04 and a 2x barlow, with a little dust unfortunately So many wonderful images of Jupiter lately I will have to try and take a nice colour image of it soon! Cheers, Laura
  8. They are beautiful shots, love the close ups of Plato and Clavius especially.
  9. That's lovely! Perfect timing
  10. I saw colour in M42 for the first time recently. I was so blown away by it. Such an amazing thing to see.
  11. praesepe

    Sun 8.2.11

    That's amazing, I love it!
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