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  1. After two cloud aborted attempts I had several clear hours last night and finally managed to see it. I think I was being a bit naiive as to what to expect. When I did see it I wasn't sure so I had the handset readout check the co-ordinates and decided that compared to the RA & DEC in sky and telescope I was definitely looking at it I had star hopped to find it originally and I will admit from Hemel Hempstead it wasn't easy at first - even in a 10" dob. Once I knew exactly where to look it seemed much more obvious.
  2. I check mine every time and use a laser with a self centering eyepiece holder. Maybe I'm being too rough with the scope though, it needs minor adjustment most of the time.
  3. I've taken to doing it recently, got up at 4am on Sunday this week - observing til 6.30, then parked in front of the TV for the F1 race. I take a bit of a gmble setting up before I go to bed and covering the scope with a sheet. So I have to be pretty sure it's going to stay clear. Unfortunately I find I don't think quite straight - I really should start with a coffee. It took me the best part of an hour to work out that it was dew stopping the image of Jupiter appearing on the laptop and not the new laptop and software I had installed the day before! Doh!! Completely wasted the time before I realised and went off in search of a hair dryer. It was seriously dewy round my way too.
  4. My 250 goto tracks very well, if I set it up properly But as Olly says it's not suitable for DSO astrophotography work in general - other than relatively short exposures. Excellent for Lunar & planetary stuff though.
  5. I'm 10 Tauri which is remarkably similar to the Sun. But the good news is that in two months it will be Gamma Cephei which is a binary system, brighter and has a planet - cool! About mid December I will be in the garden, with a scope waving wildly, maybe holding a big torch. Then about 45 years later someone on the planet might see me Sadly I won't be around to see if they wave back
  6. I believe it can. Have a look at the threads below, these were helping me last year. I was genuinely considering buying a small goto on an AZ tripod and swapping the handsets so the 250 dob could be upgraded to a goto and I would still have a grab and go set up as well. I had my heart set on a 250 dob though so when I couldn't source an auto version I abandoned those plans. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/104279-skywatcher-dob-auto-to-goto-conversion/page__hl__%2Bskywatcher+%2Bauto+%2Bsynscan+%2Bconvert http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/47354-goto-for-skywatcher-flextube-auto-dobs-is-a-reality/#post1360399
  7. Yep, it's true. When I wanted the 250 last year I was trying to do the same thing. Only to discover that I couldn't source a 250 Auto anywhere. I was gutted. So splashed out on the GOTO itself There were quite a few threads on here about doing it at that time (say August last year)
  8. To be fair if someone started telling me all about their horse or their handbag I would do exactly the same. Not everyone has the same passion or interest for the same things so there's no reason why any of us should EXPECT everyone to appreciate the wonder of the universe. I only ever get into discussions when someone shows an interest not the other way round. And it's rarely the people I think will be interested. One of my friends is a carpenter and he was doing a lot of work for me over about 3 months. I've known him for years and we've never touched on anything scientific. He saw the telescope etc and I couldn't stop him talking (no wonder the new stairs took so long ) and every time he came round he wanted to know what was visible at the moment, what had he seen with the naked eye a few days earlier etc. As soon as it's dark relatively early he's coming round to spend the night in the garden with me and the scope.
  9. Me too and I got the idea from you Brantuk Here's the one I got Chesty. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adjustable-Folding-Perching-927-resting/dp/B004O2J14Q/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kh_3
  10. That's a lovely image Kev - well done. And never allow yourself to be put off by the superstars, there's room for everybody and a wide range of standards on here Plus the advice they dish out is second to none!
  11. Ahhh, that takes me back, I left it just there for about two years on my first scope before I realised what it was
  12. Well if it helps the assembled weight of the flex tube GOTO version is 32kg. When I first got mine I stood on the scales holding it to check - much to the wife's amusement
  13. Well it was raining here at 8.30pm so there was no danger of me setting up but I'm glad I went for a nice meal with the wife instead!
  14. Hahahah, that's exactly what I was thinking. Well done though, it's a fantastic feeling to look at your first image and think, that's hundreds of millions of miles away and I took a picture of it from my back garden with a few hundred pounds of equipment! And I don't think that feeling ever goes away. Get yourself a barlow before the Toucam arrives and you should see a very quick improvementin image size/quality.
  15. Wait a minute, we can't allow wthat one to slide - what do you mean turnips? Is this some sort of dangerous fauna you have in the midlands? Or did a neighbour throw a root vegetable at you when they got fed up listening to your motors whirring at 3am?
  16. 10 years!! that's not long service.....when I was a lad........ oh never mind This time last year I invested my long service award to purchase the 10" Dob, sadly the cash reward was enough to cover it but it was the the best investment I ever made. BUt if I was you with these choices I would get the golf irons and wait for the heritage. Golf is a hobby you can do while you save and it works in the cloud
  17. This hobby is all about getting what you want out of it - but that's just not the ticket for me. A view on a PC can't replace the view through the eyepiece. There seems little point me spending a lot of money on scopes and eyepieces to then try and appreciate the view on a monitor. I'd have to have a serious monitor to get anywhere near the same view. Then again maybe I have a really rubbish monitor
  18. That sounds like a really good experience, thanks for posting. I'm no globular cluster expert - but I think you need something like Hubble to resolve one to the core, I think you need to reign in your expectations a little. Or maybe you are expecting to see image quality resolution through the eyepiece? I have a 10" dob and I don't face the sort of issues you are talking about if its windy - obviously I'm not out in strong wind but I work near Regents Park and I wouldn't have been concerned about the wind in the slightest over the last few days. Maybe a factory built dob on a proper mount is more sturdy than the one you saw?
  19. They are often a very long way apart and off the image at that sort of scale.
  20. SeedyF

    M 13

    The amount of starlight would probably cast shadows!
  21. Nice going Atlas! Definitely a big improvement
  22. +1 for the double cluster in perseus - stunning view high in the sky if you are up early to see Jupiter at the moment. M57 the Ring was last week's flavour of the month
  23. Through my old 150 I could hardly see anything, through the 250 two weeks ago I was amazed how big it is! Obviously before I was only picking out the brighter core but the 250 and a high position in the sky meant I was able to see much more of it. I've had a few moments since getting the 250 and that was definitely one of them
  24. You took a picture of a planet about 700 million miles away - that's amazing The last image is a big improvement. I think you could get more out of your scope and camera - but it takes time getting the right conditions, getting used to using the camera and scope and probably most importantly learning how to process it. You'll see your images slowly get better but meanwhile you should congratulate yourself on every achievement.
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