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  1. I thought I would share this with you folks. I wanted a solar filter but wasn't prepared to pay £60-£80 for one to fit the aperture of my scope. So I made my own, and its brilliant. I even made a finder scope filter out of a plastic jar cap and a left over piece of the filter film. I needed the following items;- 7" pie tin with removable base Cardboard (I used an old box) Duck Tape (silver to match the tin/filter film!) Baader AstroSolar Filter Film Foam (to act as padding to keep the filter fitting snugly) Total cost - about £21. I only bought the pie tin and the filter film (£18), the rest was in the garage. I popped the base out of the pie tin, cut a circular piece of card to the same size as the tin, cut out the inside of the cardboard circle leaving about a 1cm ring of carboard, placed the filter film over the pie tine, placed the ring of cardboard on top of the filter film, then taped the ring of cardboard and overlapping film down to the outside edge of the pie tin. Finally I stuck a couple of squares of foam onto the inside of the pie tin to make sure of a snug fit and keep it in place. It fits over the front of the scope to keep you viewing safely. I really enjoy looking at sunspots with the filter and it works an absolute treat There is only one downside - you can only use it for looking at the sun
  2. I made one of these but I splashed out £2.79 out on a pie tin with a removable base and duck tape to hold the solar paper in place, it's fantastic. £80 worth of solar filter for about £20.
  3. One is my definition of astronomy, the other is the wife's
  4. SeedyF

    Herts Noobie!

    I will have to post a picture of the pie tin so you can marvel at my skills
  5. Marchpane hello. Some of my family used to run the Red Lion in Wareham. I worked there during the holidays in the mid 80s when i was at college. Happy days
  6. SeedyF


    Hello back. I hear you about the light polution. Drives me nuts, that and the neighbours trees :-(
  7. Hello from a fellow newbie
  8. SeedyF

    Herts Noobie!

    Hello Loungers I have only just joined after finding some useful advice in recent months through the forum. Hopefully i can add something in return! Currently i am using a Skywatcher Explorer 150 on an EQ3-2 mount to which i have added tracking and a multi speed focuser. I have been using a Canon 400DSLR for moon shots and just aquired a Philips SPC900 webcam that i have only pointed at jupiter so far. All sorts of nick nacks in my kit too. Very proud of my home made solar filter made from a pie tin duck tape and Baader Astrosolar safety film
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