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  1. Nice one! And an image well worth it. My moon image made it into the magazine too
  2. Thanks for the kind words Baz - we were nearly twins Have a good one yourself!! So far I have had to tell the wife the son and the youngest cat to kindly not touch the magazine, just look
  3. S@N has been sitting on the table all week but what a birthday treat (it's mine today) I opened it up to see they published my moon mosaic on page 32. Seriously chuffed, the last one Sir Patrick contributed too, it's actually a little emotional..... This is the image from I posted it here originally http://stargazerslou...aic-8-sep-2012/
  4. Well - I can only tell you about my experience, so a bit limited. I have the Philips SPC880 flashed to 900. I only use it for planetary, solar and lunar imaging. For the investment it is fantastic. If you can get one, I got mine a few years ago when they were readily available. I would like to move up to an imaging source camera but am struggling to justify the investment. SpaceCowboy produces some awesome images with a 250 dob and an imaging source camera. I have my eye on the DFK 21AU618.AS Colour which is about 10x what the philips plus lens adapter and Ir filter cost.
  5. Nooooo! Just saw this on the BBC website What a sad day for astronomy in the UK.
  6. That's looking pretty good to me Stu. I too am surrounded by houses which is a pain. But I usually go for 4 mins by default and it doesn't seem to give me any issues. Mind you I am usually pretty ruthless on the quality setting and only keeping the best 6-8% and end up stacking between 150-200 frames. Maybe I should give it a go dropping the quality cut off point and seeing if I can bring out more detail.
  7. All very impressive. If these and SpaceCowboy's images don't convince Mrs Seedy that I have to have a DMK/DFK nothing will I'm not holding my breath though - lol
  8. That is fantastic as usual. I should have put a DFK on my wish list. Fat chance of anyone buying it though lol
  9. I think the first one is better, it's a great capture
  10. Some lovely images there, nice work.
  11. I haven't been on here for ages - been far too busy But I made the most of a couple of clear nights and Jupiter's fantastic position. I was reading Sky at Night and it said the GRS was going to be centred facing us on Wednesday so I made sure I was ready. This is the first time I've got a decent image of the GRS - I have some rubbish ones from my old scope. And I have definitely never got an image with two moons in it so I was quite pleased to capture this. 4 Mins @ 10FPS Philips SPC900 camera + IR Filter TAL 3x Barlow Processed in Registax 5 and Photoshop Elements 6 Temperature about -5!!
  12. Costco is great, if you want 400 loo rolls or dishwasher tabs. But I would prefer to get my astro gear from a dedicated supplier. I have no reason to think they can't supply a scope as well as they can loo rolls though......
  13. I had the same issue as Carl with a DSLR and a skywatcher 150 not having enough inward travel in the focusser. I had to take the T adapter and eyepiece barrel out of the equation to achieve focus and it looks like you have a similar issue. Not sure how easy that would be to solve with your set up though - which isn't much help. If you lack outward travel it should be easier to add in some extra distance.
  14. I got some walking Regatta walking boots in Costco last winter for a tenner. Amazing. Warm and comfy. I wore them in Estonia where it was minus 15 and was snug as a bug. Now when I am am out in the middle of the night they are essential.
  15. It should be going back at 2am but then it becomes 1am. So technically both could be correct :-)
  16. I have a DIY shroud. I live in a town surrounded by other bigger nastier towns and the light pollution is quite bad. The shroud really helps with the contrast so I put it on nearly all of the time. As I prefer evening observing - I mean pre midnight, I have to contend with light from other houses and the shroud is an essential for eliminating the stray light. I am tempted to get an Astrozap because I want something I can leave in place when I collapse the scope, not an option with the DIY solution I have. I don't have any other finder than the bog standard 9x50 that the scope came with.
  17. You saw the sun - today!! Set up looks good, and it is great to be able to do something in the daytime, especially during the summer. Plus the face of the sun never looks the same twice. Wish I could afford a PST though as well
  18. My first one was a present from Mrs Seedy. The first one I bought for myself took about 6 months to save for - sort of. I got a bonus at work which went a long way and from there I had to accumulate the rest. There was a dependency on selling the old scope which I didn't do until I had the new one, meanwhile I had a debt on a credit card (I had an offer for 0% purchases at the time so it didn't cost me anything to put it on the credit card). So when I got the bonus I decided it was new scope time and from there to settling the credit card bill it took roughly 6 months. Luckily the research on what I wanted took up at least a month of that!
  19. I have been tempted to swap my phillips for a DFK and was also quite intrigued by the QHY when I saw it in S@N. But considering I paid a total of £40 for the camera, nose piece and IR filter I'm struggling to justify the leap to a £350 camera. It's not really possible to quantify the improvement in quality but I'm not able to convinve myself that 9x hike in price will equate to 9x increase in image quality. Especially as it's the same idiot driving - lol For me mono is out of the question. Adding a filter wheel and filters is only going to make the cost comparison tilt further to sticking with the philips.
  20. in 99,999 AD does it still have the farm outbuiiding on the Northern Horizon? I'm also a bit worried about how high the trees have got, was there any sign of someone keeping them in trim?
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