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  1. They should be forced to post a picture of themselves with a shoe on their head......... .....no wait..... that was another forum I know what you're saying Mr Q but have to agree with others that it's personal choice for the poster to put whatever they like and the reader has the chance to exercise discretion over how much of it they read. I will confess to skipping just about every one that was ever more than about 4 lines - I'm shallow, uncaring and have a short attention span, don't hate me for it
  2. Have you tried posting a lot of swear words, always seems to bring them running
  3. I used velcro for the slow motor control on my EQ3-2 - worked a treat, mounted it at the top of one of the legs where it was really accessible.
  4. Glad you finally got things sorted out the nights are drawing in now!
  5. I read it from cover to cover and I do get exited when it arrives. Always something of interest, always useful tips on using your equipment and DIY projects. Well worth trying it out for a quarter at least. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Wow, I just read that thread. I reckon I will need some ninja skills setting up and manoeuvring the dob to get an image. But you know what - I'm going to try maybe when it actually gets dark some time before 11PM.
  7. As my mother-in-law described it when I proudly showed her "Hmmmm, looks like a big white ball. And you have some grubby marks on something in the telescope.c And then my neice "has it got beatles on it?" Those were the sunspots!!! Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  8. I've started using mine to hang my coat on it gets so little time in the garden recently But good luck - you will love the views through that baby! Clear skies
  9. Chn, If I was being picky I would say your co-ordinates should be 002 50'W 51 35'N if you were rounding properly (i.e. up in both cases here), but that shouldn't make the massive difference you describe. Have you maybe got the Lat/Long co-ordinates the wrong way round? You have them the right way round inthe text above, are you putting them into the handset in that order? I am using a Dob. With the Synscan on a Dob you need to start the scope from a set position - so the goto always has a known defined starting point I think. On the dob that is pointing north and Dec set to zero. I assume you need some similar sort of similar pre defined starting point. Edit - to eliminate muppet mistakes - ALT is set to zero
  10. Why limit this question to previous life...........
  11. Matt I live a couple of miles from St Albans. The light pollution is pretty bad in most directions and a 30 sec exposure will give you a beautiful orange sky. But don't despair, you can still see plenty. If an object is close to the horizon is pretty pointless but you'll be able to see plenty of reasonably dim objects if they are above 20 degrees. I have a 250 now and had a 150 before that and even in the 150 I could happily enjoy the brighter DSOs, the 250 gives me easy access to lots more now and you should be able to see globular clusters, nebulae, galaxies plus our solar system objects with a 200. The street lights going off should make a decent difference in your immediate vicinity. I was surprised how dark it is without them. It won't cut down the sky glow from Luton and Watford though and if you are sitauted near a main road the lights won't go off. I often pick my son up from work at 3am and its disappointing how many streets remain lit despite the lights off policy recently adopted.
  12. Gain is one of the settings in sharpcap. If you turn it up the image will become really bright so you cane easily spot saturn and focus on it. You probably haven't got it in focus and as the image is not bright enough the blurred image is too dim to show up. With the gain up all the way you should see the out of focus planet looking like a large dim Polo shape. As you focus it will get really bright and you can turn the gain down to the point where you get an acceptable image. As Pete says it's not always easy to ensure the image that looked central in the eyepiece is actuall central on the camera sensor because the FOV is so small on the webcam. Clear skies!
  13. Some good points made above. I don't feel the flextube cools down any quicker to be honest It callapses enough to hide behind an armchair in my living room and to get on the back seat of my car where I can get a seatbelt round it. I check collimation everytime and mostly it needs a minor tweak I got something similar to bobs knobs and it takes less than 5 minutes. I like the Goto. It's easy to set up and I spend less time getting frustrated looking for faint objects. Your sky will be a lovely orange just like mine and the goto takes some of the pain out of hunting a patch of sky with the finder - sometimes giving up. Now I can quickly assess if it is worth trying to see an object by telling the goto to find it then a quick look in the eyepiece will tell me if the LP is likely to be too bad. Having said that I did really enjoy the excitement of findng things manually. I miss that a little but not as much as I enjoy actually observing. I usually take about 15 minutes from taking the scope to the door to finishing set up, even if I star align to use the goto. I made a platform with adjustable feet to stand the scope on & get it accurately level - if you get the goto I think its essential to have it level. Just in case it helps the scope and base wheigh 32kgs (I stood on the scales holding it one day). It's worth making sure you can happily cope with that, although its really easy to separate and then it's really manageable.
  14. Stand back people, you're looking at a Astronomy GCSE certificate holder (well, actually it's in a drawer somewhere!) I decided I wanted to do some formal learning and started with the GCSE, it is intended as the first stepping stone on a bit of life long learning that I hope will end in an OU degree in some form of astronomy. From recollection I think I needed to do the foundation course for the OU before getting on to a degree course but only having a GCSE was no barrier to the foundation. The GCSE sylabus changed the following year so I can't vouch exactly for what the course will cover (I took the exam in May 2010). When I did it the course covered things like the history of astronomy, the basics of telescope designs and function, types of stars, detailed analysis of the solar system and space travel - amongst other topics. There was a lot of maths - but you don't need to be a whizz at this level. But if you are casting your mind back 25 years to O level maths like me, it might take some time to get the wheels turning again. I did my course through StarLearner and distance learning. The support was good and the course well organised and they would have helped with organising the exam as well. My son was taking his GCSEs at the same time so I made a deal with his school to let me sit the exam there. All in all it was really enjoyable, I had been observing for about 5 years when I started but I still learnt an awful lot. I worked at my pace setting aside two hours on a Sunday morning each week to do the work and covered the course and exam in 8 months.
  15. At half the price of the £930 scope he owns I would jolly well hope they are good as it gets I'm only here to see what the tips are - I have no useful advice to offer
  16. PS - I can't read your signature, but then I am colour blind And where in herts are you - roughly? I'm in Hemel
  17. Easy storage and transport are the big pluses with the flextube in my view. But I've never owned a solid tube. I went from a skywatcher 150 on an EQ3-2 to the 10" dob and the difference in what I can see is incredible, that's the only way I can describe it I have access to so much more in the way of faint objects and views of the bright stuff is enhanced significantly - the planets for example are way, way better viewed through the 10". You really need a light shroud of some sort wrapped around the open mid section of the flextube to cut out stray light. The official one is £60 or you can improvise - I adapted a camping mat.
  18. Thats the one I have and it does the job perfectly when using the dob. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Thats interesting. I got the xbox as a back up in case I do something daft to my philips. I'm hoping for some clear sky to do a Saturn comparison for myself. Saturn may set for the year before the sky clears at this rate Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  20. £3.85 brand new on Amazon. I just swapped my nosepiece and IR filter off the front of my philips one. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  21. Phil - i just aquired an xbox live cam which has a ccd. Going to try it on saturn as soon as its clear. Might be an alternative to the philips. I will let you know how i get on Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  22. That looks really good well done Lovely sharp image and good detail. I am no expert with registax myself I just fiddle until I get something I am happy with!! Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  23. If he has the boxes he could ship it for about £25-30 which should be less than your fuel bill. I think you would be disappointed going down to a 150 - and the 250 will give you such better views over the 150. But thats just my opinion Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  24. Good luck - currently going for a decent price compared to a new one. A little patch of duck tape on either side should give the dust cap a bit of grip if you find it does bother you. Great excuse for selling - I've given up caffeine - lol
  25. Jay - I think it helps with both size and detail. I find the small imaged dont really enlarge very welll because they civer so few pixels in the first place. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
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