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  1. I am a bit slow getting round to processing my data from last weekend. 

    This is my best sunpspot so far with the ASI 120MC camera. I love the detail it is able to pick out. The seeing was very varied. When I started setting up it was nice and stable then deteriorated very markedly between captures. I am quite pleased with the outcome. 

    The image below was captured using my 3x TAL Barlow, using an orange planetary filter, 3 minutes @ 30 FPS captured in Sharpcap, stacked the best 1300 frames in registax. Tweaked in Photoshop. 


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  2. Can anyone help me here? The image below was taken on 15 Feb. I seem to have some strange "onioning" around the edges of Jupiter. It's not the sort of colour fringing you sometimes see before you do the RGB align in Registax. There is nothing visible when you view the original video or in stills. I have processed three videos from the evening all show the same strange rings around the edge of the planet. Other than the strange rings I am pretty pleased with how the ASI camera is working out. I just wish I had some really good seeing. 

    Image details:

    Skywatcher 250 Goto Flextube Dob

    ASI 120MC camera

    3x TAL Barlow

    27 FPS

    3 minutes video

    Captured in Sharpcap

    Processed in Registax

    Stacked best 1400 frames

    Hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjusted in Photoshop

    Seeing was average (I'm no good at estimating it properly :))


  3. Hi,

     I know this is an old post, but looking to upgrade and found this description of what it can do.  is it true

    quote "The patented dual-encoder design allows you to manually move the telescope anytime and to anywhere you wish - with no need for realignment. Slewing to an object on the opposite side of the night sky no longer feels like watching a kettle boil. Simply push the tube close to the object and let the computer do the rest of the work. "

    Yep - it certainly does.

    I was out on Saturday night for quite a few hours and as the power was getting low I started puching it around instead of using the motors and when I centred an object it just picked up the tracking again without any issue.

    And it's a really great scope. :D

  4. Thanks for the tip - I use Stellarium with EQmod to control my mount, with Sky Safari pro on the iPhone which is good when I don't want to touch the laptop whilst imaging! How do you get the forecasts in Stellarium?

    I just run the timeline forward :) I usually only do it just before going out to observe so I can see if there are going to be anu transits to look at or image. I don't plan any further forward because the disappointment when it's cloudy is too depressing!

  5. I got the ASI120MC in September 2013 and have barely had a chance to get it out and the few occasions I did the sky was horrible - that included last Thursday. So I couldn't believe my luck when it was clear and stable(ish) on Saturday night! Finally I got an image that was worth processing. 

    The attached image is through Skywatcher Flextube 250 dob, 3x TAL barlow, 3mins captured in SharpCap, processed in Registax and tweaked in Photoshop.

    The weather wasn't entirely friendly - everything in sight was getting thick with frost, the secondary kept misting up, and I gave up on the finder, I just couldn't waste power keeping it frost free. So glad I got a camping hairdryer for Christmas though, an essential in my kit box now :D and meant I could keep going. 

    I think that's Callisto bottom left.

    I'm quite pleased - this camera replaced a Philips SPC900 and the detail is much better with the ASI. I cant wait for a night with a bit less moisture. 

    Jupiter 11_01_2014 20_57_19.bmp

  6. Please don't laugh :D

    Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1. This was my first dabble at any sort of long exposure with the ZWO ASI120MC. The comet was absolutely beautiful - so easy to spot and a great bright coma. I was picking out a little tail with averted vision and this image doesn't really do it justice. Despite the fact I got up at 4.45am to look at it and then left for work at 7am it was well worth the effort.

    This was taken using the following:

    ASI120MC camera

    Skywatcher Flextube 250PX Goto Dob

    7.5 sec exposure captured in Sharpcap

    Processed for noise, lighting and contrast in Photoshop

    I need to get some time playing with the camera to get more out of it.


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  7. Radders - if you order direct from the supplier in China its much cheaper than UK/EU suppliers, even when you add the $30 delivery charge. And it's the latest version which includes the auto guide port - not that we care about that for planetary imaging.

    And delivery looks to be pretty fast through FedEx. I ordered it about 8pm on Tuesday 6/8 and its due to be delivered today. It's currently at Stansted airport according to the tracking, being sniffed by a black retriever I imagine :)

  8. Radders - I have just ordered the ZWO ASI120MC after a lot of research, reviewing images and reviews and wondering how much better it will be over my phillps SPC900. I have paid £220 for that camera and could find the QHY for £169 (although I didn't try hard to source it cheaper). It was the images I found on here and other forums that persuaded me to go for the ZWO and pay the extra £50. I just wasn't convinced that the QHY would give me enough improvement over my philips webcam. It also came with a couple of handy features like the all sky lens and 2" barrel fit.

    When it arrives from ZWO, and there is something worth pointing it at, and the sky is clear I can let you know how I think it stacks up.

  9. First things first - your son needs a haircut :tongue:

    Nice starter scope! And looks like your son will be a prefect height for a fair bit of observing. You on the other hand will benefit from a folding observing chair so you don't have to stoop. You'll be able to observe more comfortably but more importantly for longer. I and a few others on here have something like this folding ironing chair http://www.amazon.co.uk/Metaltex-927-Komet-Ironing-Stool/dp/B001DYQ1XM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372363176&sr=8-1&keywords=ironing+chair.

    I have added a couple of eyepieces to my dob but I'm not really an expert and mine were in the cheaper end of the market. They were a big improvement on the stock skywatcher eyepieces though. I'll leave the experts to advise on what you should go for.

    Hope you get some clear skies soon :)

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  10. I have the 250 flextube goto dob. I notice the balance is not right when I try to slew up and the scope doesn't move! But generally if I am adding anything odd to the end of the scope - and by odd I mean heavier than normal, I put a magnetic weight on the bottom of the scope. So when I put my solar filter or webcam on it's one of my weights (welders magnets) and if it's the SLR its two magnets!

    I haven't noticed any tracking issues. I do planetary imaging at high magnification and keep the object centred for 3 mins with no problem.

  11. I agree with both the above, you never really see much detail other than the cassini division with Saturn but if you take your time you can see a reasonable amount of the cloud band formations on Jupiter. While you won't see the level of detail a webcam image can show you will certainly pick out several bands and be able to distinguish their shape.

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