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  1. So I made myself a very solid latitude bar 2" steel, andcreated q new site with the correct settings.setup with handles upwards as advised for the LX90 and first time alignment worked perfectlt, at last So now I have just one issue left, and this is down to me. How do you ensure that your OTA is pointing exactly 90 degrees to the forks.latitude and azimuth adjustment is simple.buy I get it all looking 100% spin the OTA as and polaris flies off sideways. The diwc on the fork is useless, it's been moved. Is it just hours of trial and error then set the fork indicator or is their an easier way.........
  2. Very similar to mine except I have a bubble level instead of a compass and I am missing items 4,5 & 6 from fig 3. Or item 4 from fig 1, plus the latitude control is also missing, that's easy to work without but the fine azimuth control is impossible, the OTA is barely held anyway by the adjustment knobs without that bar to support it and in addition supporting the whole weight of the scope while looking through the eyepiece while trying to make mm adjustments and tighten down is close to impossible I am trying to make one from drilled/threaded aluminium bar and some epoxy weld.
  3. Thank you, so I guess I have the basic wedge, missing that bar, I'm going to add it as trying to adjust without it is impossible, basically you have to loosen off then support the whole scope with your arms while looking through the eyepiece then tighten, any small adjustment is impossible. The alt adjustment is fine, just undo the support a little bit and move left and right so I'll just leave that. I have checked the scope model, and don't forget it's perfect in alt/az checked the mount 100 times:) and haven't tried a 2 star alignment, but then if it can't find a star from the easy or 1 star I don't suppose it would be any differnt. Any chance you could try a 1 star or easy and let me know what happen. Your home position sounds identical to mine, scope pointing directly up at Polaris, where are the handles and finder on your scope then? On the top aiming at you or pointing at the ground like the LX200s have to do in the Northern hemisphere (I think)
  4. And damn, last night was a complete write off, I've just contacted Opticstar who were very helpful and going to look into it for me. This is my current situation, I can't try again as my wedge for some reason doesn't have the azimuth control so I have to hold the scope undo the screws and move it while trying to look at the eyepiece then do them up without moving it, nigh on impossible I found last night, so I am going to make the Azimuth fine control and add it before trying again. My telescope is approximately 10-13 years old and is an 8" LX90. I have added the LNT device to it and a patched firmware from a business called Starpatch(.ca) so my firmware is labelled 43GG. What the patch does is allow the telescope to believe it has GPS added. It's quite complicated but works fantastically in ALT/AZ mode. I have been using the patch for 6 months plus, with zero issues. However I tried to mount the telescope on a Meade Equatorial Wedge over the last few days for longer astro photography with the plans to add a guider, however I cannot get it even close to working. The method I am attempting to use is the following; Set the telescope to level Add the wedge and ensure it is pointing close to due North Set the Azimuth plate to approximately correct (mine is 52 degrees 32 minutes) Mount the telescope with the forks and finder pointing directly down and the OTA pointing directly towards Polaris Turn the telescope on (tried it with it on before alignment too) Choose 1 star alignment I then get asked to get Polaris dead centre using the wedge controls as the scope slews round a little to expose the eyepiece, all seems simple and works fine. Then it tries to slew to a star for me to align to, at no point does it EVER slew anywhere near to where the named star actually is. I have tried to manually sync without an alignment, that was also a similar abysmal failure. I have tried this maybe 30 times and it never gets better. Normally the chosen star is well below the horizon and often as much as 120+ degrees pointing in the wrong direction. I have checked, the mount setting is polar, the location, time and date is correct, including disconnecting the GPS and LNT module and entering manually, deleting the manual site I had setup, taking it back to ALT/AZ mode again (all perfect) Things I might be doing wrong; Am I using the LX200 method wrongly and is that different from an LX90 method? I notice that if I hold my mode button to check drive positioning they are never at 90 degrees and zero as the LX200 guys are in Polar home. I am going to try with the official meade firmware instead of the patched firmware I am going to try a full handset reset, in the past that has fixed non working tonight's best tour and a couple of other things. I could loosen the clutches and set the home position readout to the same as is set on the LX200s by running the motors disconnected until I get the correct readings.
  5. I've finally sorted it. everything is perfect in alt az and the battery pack I use is a 13500ah that also runs my PC last over half a day running the PC and the scope:) However I use starpatch for gps.on my handset it all looked good when it gets the GPS reading, but after about 20 attempts at polar alignment I noticed that the time was jumping ahead exactly 7 Hours even though gps showed fine. Disconnected the GPS and the lnt and set the time manually looked a little better but not good but at least time was correct. Then I deleted the site I had created for my location, rebooted with lnt and gps connected and the time stayed correct. Must be a bug in starpatch somehow with my custom location and only in polar mode. As soon as I deleted my custom site, actually modified Birmingham , it all works as expected. And luckily tonight looks really clear so a full test in a couple of hours. Why I didn't get the problem in alt az my mode I have no idea.
  6. So that is the OTA pointing due south, at 0 degrees? and forks parallel to the ground and pointing north? I like cables mines as bad especially with the mini PC attached to the Forks and the battery pack on the opposite fork.
  7. I would appreciate that yes please. Especially as mine doesn't have the azimuth bar for fine adjustment or anything missing either, just not there. Ah, dst forgot that, is that a setup setting? It just confused me auto selecting out if view stars. I am only testing in daylight but it should know that? But dst I forgot!!! When you say controls towards north the lx90 controls are in the fork arm, not the base, so shouldn't the forks be parallel to ground? If needs be I can try the south at 0 too. Couldn't be any worse, lol. Just to confirm again though, polar home setting scope powered on or off?
  8. So do you not do any of the autostar alignments? I have noticed if I do it like this then if I press the mode button for a few seconds then the readings are not at 90degs and 0 but any random numbers, or do I need to turn it off and back on again after setting polar home so they reset? Just to be certain, at polar home the ota should be pointing at eight angles to the base and wedge directly at polaris and the handles and finder aiming towards the ground. Time and date is from gps using starpatch plus I also have the lnt module added. In alt as it all works perfectly, so I'm sure it's my understanding:) Is there a reason from that position that 1 star align points below the horizon for the alignment star?
  9. So I have an LX90 fork mounted with Meade wedge. Setting the wedge correctly and setting polar home so Polaris is at the center of thecwyepiece with handles and finder painting down. 1 star align with Polaris seems fine, then slews to several stars below the horizon. I can't find any instructions, my manual is useless.a wedge is available follow instructions, but there aren't any. All of the decent videos are for lx200 and use the method I've tried, but it just doesn't work. I don't want to drift align, for now, I just want a simple enough alignment as meade expected, but I can't make it work . What am I missing? Any help very much appreciated. The instructions on the 497 are also useless. Adjust the RA within 180 degrees of the hard stops, well of course I have no hard stops. So should I set to polar home before turning on? Then turn on and align? Please save my remaining hair.
  10. Ah yes, guiding, my next learning curve:) I already have a miniPC permanently connected to my scope, so I will be guiding, I get about 8-0 hours battery life out of the scope plus mini PC and all add ons so that shouldn't be an issue. I've got a Toucam Pro on it's way and I will guide using PHD2, which I think/hope will get me to 2-3 minutes OK. Yes I can get an image of mars, but at 12mm it is about the size of half a pea, not really worth doing, and then only for about 20 minutes before the tree eats it. If that tree died I would gain about 30 degrees of sky. I've got a 70-300mm good quality Canon zoom with the camera and had fun piggybacking last time so I'll try again.
  11. That won't work on an LX, but I can piggy back.
  12. Ah damn, OK. So a 2" focal reducer of .63 or.5 would help. I'm also waiting for an adapter plate so I can use my wedge, that should get me to 2-3 minute exposures hopefully. At this time of year mars is behind a tree by 9:30 and I just find the moon so boring:) but I understand what you're saying so I know where I'm going wrong. So in reality I need longer exposures and brighter subjects. I do already have a 0.5 1.25" reducer, if I used eyepiece projection would that then work?
  13. Yes I am capturing in raw, I'll do that now and see if I get the same...... and yes on the 25 second exposure at 2% I get 9 stars. SO how did I capture so few, just bad luck pointing at a low density area?
  14. 1600 iso, maybe I was aimed at a low density area? Not a clue on focal length, my OTA is 2000, then I have the Mead APO 2" Diagonal and a Crayford Focuser then my EOS450D. I tried a Bahtinov before and had no success at all, maybe I should try again.
  15. Fixed this with a reset and patch reload. All working fine now.
  16. Hi and thanks. If you look at my pics it looks like my sweet spot is 25 seconds, no real elongation that I can see there, but agree on the 30 seconds. I went right down to 2%, on the badly focussed M42 it found 6 stars at 2% but still would only stack one, despite having 4 captures. One thing I did do was include all good and bad images in the stack last night. DId it maybe do star detection on just a bad one? If I sent you my 20 second and 25 second pictures could you see how many stars you get detected, that will then rule out me doing something wrong in DSS if you get the same result as me, I have uploaded the two raw files for those timings. There was no wind a very calm cold night (P.S. is stiction a typo or word I need to learn? ) LIGHT_25s_1600iso_+12c_20190403-23h26m48s682ms.CR2 LIGHT_20s_1600iso_+12c_20190403-23h25m36s991ms.CR2
  17. A returnee and hopefully here to stay. Still very much a beginner in astronomy but advanced in IT so I've built myself a completely self contained OTA and drives which I'm very self-impressed with Now just need to get a decent picture from it. Currently IT 1 astrophotography 0. I've really gone to town this time, I loved my LX90 from 10 years ago and managed to find another one, I know it's old but I loved it and love this one. So far I have added to it; All the Petersen mods except the focusing Crayford 2" Focused LNT module (removed the standard finder) USB GPS Mini PC Telrad Rechargeable 13600mAh battery pack that feeds all the other devices EOS 450 Backyard EOS Starpatch for both the patch and the GPS functionality. THe Starpatch redirect.exe to take the USB GPS and send it to the handset. Completely pointless as I'll probably never move it, but it was fun to get working. All controlled remotely from anywhere on my property using VNC on my laptop, actually I can connect to it from anywhere in the world. All cables are short and on the OTA so no trailing cables or anything to snag. Images are stored on my games PC which has the most processing power for when I capture 100s of wonderful images, except I haven't got one worthy of note yet:) Then to be able to use it, which is what put me off before, I have built a staircase and viewing area onto a flat roof at the rear of my property. It's an unheated guest room underneath (except when we have guests) All just in time for short nights and most of the interesting stuff isn't visible when it is dark.
  18. Equipment is; LX90 8" Alt/Az fork mounted EOS450 both with prime focus adapter and 2" Crayford adapter push in adapter. Backyard EOS Deep sky stacker. I have done a little successful-ish imaging some years ago, but decided to give it another go. First nights images wouldn't stack as I am fairly certain they were out of focus, I forgot the simple step of zooming the star to focus in Live view and got this result for a 30 second exposure. I realised straight away focus was bad and just kicked myself. However yesterday I carefully focused at 10* (it took me so long to setup that M42 had done a runner for the night so I just chose the next Messier object to get some star pics. It looks to me like my swet point with trailing is 25 seconds and although nothing really to view I tried to stack however again I got only one picture will stack. When I looked at settings and did the star test DSS couldn't find any stars. Are they in focus or have I still got my focus wrong? Any advice greatly appreciated, and yes I have a wedge:), waiting for the adapter plate. |The one picture of M42 is when I messed up the focus, the others are various timed exposures when I thought I had my focus correct.
  19. Also, maybe this should be another thread, the max elevation setting would be very useful as I have a Crayford and 2" diagonal but whatever number I enter I there just results in a beep and back to 0?
  20. Yes thanks I get what you're saying, just that the inbuilt, Tonight's Best, tour seemed to know all the best things to view, I never changed or touched it before, it was just there in the autostar. Now it's an empty tour, no big issue at all, I'm just confused:)
  21. Hi, Just got back into this after having to sell my lovely LX90 10 years ago, by buying the exact same model :) and doing all the little upgrades again so it is almost identical. I have also updated the 497 handset with the latest from Meade and then added the StarPatch tweaks. All working really well, however one thing that seems very different is the tour I always used to start with. Firs tlight with this scope was last night and after spending ages aligning and collimating ( I added Bob's knobs and a new finder) it took ages to actually get something I could use, lol. However then, after getting blinded by the moon I loaded up what was my old faithful, tonight's best, now I'm sure that used to give me all the best major views for that evening when I used it before, however last night, even after reloading the latest version from ASU all I get is Stars with planets and Quasars, then it says the end. Am I doing something wrong or has it been changed? I would have expected things like m42, Mars, the Moon, The Pleiades to be in there, but none of them were? Is it my memory that is wrong or is the tour no longer working properly?
  22. You can tell if it's overheating by pressing f8 then the up down arrow keys then leave it for 15 minutes. If the screen is still the same when you get back it's not overheating.
  23. I "came back" in exactly the same way with the same £600 budget, and got an 8" lx90 from a member here which I'm delighted with. Are you determined to buy new?
  24. No, but should be against my user name, not started Many threads:)
  25. I do and love the 8mm, did a small review when I got it. Pretty good eye relief too and a twist up cup
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