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  1. Similarily to you I viewed Jupiter for the first time through my new scope a couple of nights ago. I had viewed it before on a workmates scope several years previous, but it probably wasn't all that much better than viewing through a strong set of bins as I believe his scope was a cheapo off ebay. This time I was armed with my little Meade 114 reflector and headed north to escape light pollution (I think fairly pointlessly as the moon was so bright ) My scope came with a 26 and 9.7mm eyepeice and with the 26mm EP you could clearly see the 4 Galilean moons and just make out the patterns on Jupiters surface . Unfortunately I can't seem to get a clear image with the 9.7mm EP, but I have a feeling this may have something to do with the EP quality. However, I was delighted with what I saw through the 26mm EP and also got fantastic views of the full moon, as well as moon blindness (holy cow it's bright ). Now I can't wait for Saturn to come into view, should be good .
  2. I'm sure you are right, perhaps if we had beautiful clear skies every night we wouldn't pay so much attention to it.
  3. Got me first scope today:D, a wee Meade 114 reflector with goto mount. Set it up in my living room and got a great view of the coo's up on the hill outside my window . Unfortunatly the weather has closed in so I won't get a chance to use it tonight, but the weekend forecast is looking promising. Just thought I'd ask if it would be worth my while buying some extra EP's and maybe a few filters, the scope has a 26mm and a 9.7mm EP as standard, what do you think?
  4. ok, maybe not such a good deal after all.
  5. Yes, might have to save up for a bit longer before I can get something like that myself.
  6. Good scope here for someone, looks like a bit of a bargain at the mo.... Meade LX200 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope on eBay (end time 20-Oct-10 16:01:14 BST) What'd you think?
  7. Just found these..... - Search Results - Warehouse Express but at those prices , I might just leave it for now .
  8. Robroy

    Hi Everybody

    Hi Charm, see you on the boards.
  9. great pics russ, I especially like the middle one.
  10. Nope, just the bare lens, I wonder if you could buy lenses or make them.
  11. Well I do actually, but after looking at pictures people were taking with their camera phones I was inspired to grab my wee panasonic DMC-FZ18 and try my hand at astro photography, if the skies were clear that is. Well during the day the weather wasn't pretty up here, in fact it was appalling, but as the Sun sank below the horizon the clouds parted and I actually got perfect clear skies and I had my opportunity. The moon looked nice so I popped my camera on a tripod and grabbed this...... This image is zoomed in on the PC, but not bad I thought. I then got a picture of jupiter with camera on full auto..... I didnt think much of that one till I zoomed in on it with the PC..... Is it just me or can you see a wee bit of Jupiters colour in that I even managed to capture a Jovian moon by adjusting my camera settings..... Look,look,look.... its a moon!!! Shortly after I took that pic, the clouds crept back like evil tendrils of doom come to spoil my fun:(. However, I'll be back and hopfully with a scope .
  12. Thats so cool, I think I'll have a look at the sky with my zoom camera tonight and see what I can see.
  13. I take it the adapter is give you solid base to mount your scope, i.e no or little vibration?
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