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  1. Interesting images. To be scientifically sound though, if you are comparing two filters they need to be placed on the same optical train, using the same sensor, focussed by the same method and any images taken under the exact same conditions including atmospheric seeing and altitude of target. Then they need to be processed using identical parameters. Plus when converting to online posting format they need to be converted in the same way. It would be interesting to compare several Ha filters from a variety of manufacturers under such conditions. Alas though my pockets are not deep enough and clear skies too valuable to spend much time on such issues. My imagers were posted purely so anyone curious/interested about the Baader Ha filters and their difference in bandwidth could directly compare them. Regards.
  2. mmm I think my FSQ106 and focus are fine!
  3. All three Baader Ha filters under identical conditions and with identical minimal processing. http://www.astrobin.com/250353/C/
  4. Thanks Zakalwe for the feedback. It was also very useful to know that a ZWO camera works. A great help.
  5. I would be very interested to know if the Polemaster software runs on a windows tablet.
  6. No I do not think so. I can mount a dslr on my OTA on a ball mount and point it anywhere and guide scopes often point in a different direction to the main OTA axis. The star alignment procedure is only for the GOTO so the mount software can make a really accurate model of the night sky from your location. The polar alignment is the key to good tracking. If you have done this really well then a single star alignment will work reasonably well as it has the CNP and a single star to compute the model. Two star alignment is better though as that gives 3 points, the CNP+ 2 stars. In a three star alignment the software does the normal CNP+ 2 stars and uses the third star to calculate how off-centre the OTA is from the RA axis (polar alignment axis). This makes the GOTO more accurate and typically it should put a target dead-centre almost.
  7. If doing a 3-star alignment it also corrects for cone-error.
  8. I use the ADM puck and saddle, they are an excellent fit. It has always bothered me, £1,000's kit hanging ultimately off 3 tiny grub screws. I use loctite on them. Either 222 or 221 which is removable, but will stop them working loose. I check every few months and to date they have never become loose.
  9. Very sad to see Astronomia go, Neil and his staff put so much effort in and were so helpful and friendly.
  10. Please can anyone tell me if Nebulosity will process Nikon raw files? Some people say it gives an odd colour cast. I use it all the time with my canon without any issues, but someone who has a Nikon D7100 has asked me if it will work.
  11. Know what you mean about the observatory! Did you just ask the mount to goto the home position? Something seems to have happened to mine since I had a slight collision with my DSLR and tripod leg. Although I align the polar scope very accurately and then set the OTA in the correct polar home position, when I do any of the 1-2-3 star alignments the stars are always way off in RA. It does say alignment successful but the warns the polar alignment is bad and says it will use the last polar alignment. I have tried the reset to factory default several times and even updated the handset firmware, but it still does it all the time, reverting back to an earlier polar alignment. I think somehow I need to recalibrate the home position, but this only seems possible on the EQ8. A goog idea about setting the RA and DEC to zero, wish Skywatcher had put on some decent index marks to set the polar home position.
  12. Zakalwe please may I ask about resetting the home position on an as eq6 gt. When you say set the Ora to the home position do you mean by releasing the clutches and moving manually or use the arrow keys on the hanset. Then hit sync encoders.
  13. Zakalwe please may I ask about resetting the home position on an as eq6 gt. When you say set the Ora to the home position do you mean by releasing the clutches and moving manually or use the arrow keys on the hanset. Then hit sync encoders.
  14. msh1 please may I ask what you mean by getting the home position right on your as eq6 gt? It defaults to this. Is it possible to calibrate the offset?
  15. I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to use AstroArt and find that when debayering DSLR images the colours come out all wrong. I don't have this problem with Nebulosity or Pixinsight. Should I change the RGB ratios? If so what to. It certainly does not work with R1 G1 B1 ratios. I have tried various permutations but it just looks worse. I must be doing something wrong.
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