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  1. I agree With the above, Sharp and great details.
  2. A quick presentation of Henry :-) Im a 52 old teacher that always had interest in astronomy. Some fivish (5) years ago i bought a cabin, a very dark Place in Telemark, Perfect for stargazing as there is no LP and the west is unobstructed also i'm on top of a mountain. Took the plunge and bought me a Scope= SW 200P on a EQ5 With synscan for about 400 pounds. The reward of the Investment is impossible to describe, a 14 year old kid's dream come trough :-) I've been an avid visitor to this forum since i bought the Scope and it was never nescesary to ask any question as all the answers was posted
  3. One of the first attempt using a SW 200 With a Neximage5
  4. It wouldn't be a problem. I spent a few hours in -17C with my SW200 EQ5 synscan last month. The OTA looked like inside a fridge after the session:) and some ice on the EP which was easily resolved with an hairdryer Cheers Henry
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