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  1. Well, i used Icap V 2.2 and recorded in default mode exept regulating the gain and exposure (some 1/40ish) sliders. I suspect it can be the AVI format? The resolution is as posted above. Is this all i can expect for Neximage5 trogh a 8 inch telescope? Woud it help recording Jupiter trough my Bresser Messier 127 refractor? Frames = some 2000 and 500 used.
  2. I took those Pictures With Neximage5 and registacked them and i'm not very satisfied. First, why are the results greenish, and what is the reason for those horrible vertical stripes? Any help would be greatly apreciated
  3. After one week after ordering UPC came to my door and delivered this 6,6 kg Nice and compact package. First impression is how unbelivable small and compact this Scope is compared to my 200P. The first tought was how well this will fit to my EQ5 Mount and allow me to put some guiderscope and camera on it. The other important thing is the double speed focuser that certainly will improve my focusing while imaging. I like very much the color, much more than the big blue one. Unfortunately it comes With a 25mm Stock eyepice, i have some Three others, but its okay, i can live With another one Also
  4. Try a free filter called "Hasta la vista Green"! a plugin for Photoshop http://www.deepskycolors.com/archive/2010/04/26/hasta-La-Vista-Green.html
  5. Bought it from Germany http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3933_Skywatcher-Explorer-130PDS---130mm-f-5-Newton---2--Auszug.html Cheers
  6. Fantastic! Can't wait for my 130PDS to arrive, Remember it was you that "perusaded" me to take the desicion I'll take it that i would have to practice several Nights to achieve something in the slightes near Your results
  7. Thanks for the suggestions folks Now i will order a Bathinov mask as focusing certainly is a PITA, and i did in fact take some testshots but obviously they looked better in almost dark conditions . And Yeah, tonight is the night despite it is overcasted right now, so it was the previous night until about 01.00, lets hope for a repetition today(night) Thanks again for suggestions, much usefull
  8. My first attempt few weeks ago (21.11.13) Canon EOS 550D and a sigma-> 200 mm 25 lights Exposure time=1,6 sek 15 darks and 15 bias Stacked in DSS and prosessed in PS With Levels and curves Not much, but it was a wow moment for my first attempt
  9. Due to misalignment, forgeting that i have a newton the horsehead was out of sight, far below the frame. Very dissapointed as last night was fantastic, no moon, no clouds and the temperature was -4 degrees, Perfect conditions, but alas! Centered Alnitak lower right in the frame, but at least i catched the flame nebula. My second serious attempt at AP. At least i've learned that i will never do this mistake again 49 lights a 25 sek exposure, 30+darks and 30+bias Instrument Skywatcher 200P on a EQ5 upgraded With synscan Canon EOS 550D (Quality serious degraded by JPG conversion from TIFF format
  10. That will be the Christmas present from my wife And thanks again! What a great forum this is
  11. Thanks all for this Extreme usefull debate I think i've made up my mind and lands on the 130PDS, Why? Budget=400->600 British pounds A) 130PDS=120ish quids Allows me to by some other usefull astro imaging artefacts (autoguider, guiderscope etc) C) Collimation never scares me D) It will be almost stationary, i just have to move it 5 or 6 meters from my cabin where it "sleeps" The last question though: Since i have a Canon 550D and the adapter to my 200P whitch fits very well, do i need any more "small" pieces to attach my camera to the 130PDS?
  12. I would be very happy if i could achieve Your last result, i would also be happy with Your first attempts too. Hopefully it will be Clear skies over my cabin this weekend and i'll try the same
  13. Very interesting tread, i was just to click "pay" for an ED80, but With the interesting views on the 130PDS i just got a second tought, thank you for prolonging my decision phasis. What should i do now... I'll give my selves one more week
  14. Thanks, yes it is in Norway :-) and didn't use a coma corrector the Picture is "stright out of the Box" so to speak
  15. Thanks for all the Advice folks.i'll try some longer exposures Next time im at my cabin (Yes it is Telemark in Norway, Pieter :-). i also restacked the series and added some more darks and bias that i forgot i had and reprosessed. The difference si very small but "The running man" became clearer
  16. One question though, is it possible With no guiding to take 2 min. exposures without startrails?
  17. Thanks everyone, and Lensman57: I apreciate all the help and advise i can get :-) Thanks
  18. For a couple of months ago i hadn't the slightest idea how to take atrophotos, i did'nt know about ISO and exposure settings and did'nt even know how to manipulate a camera. Thanks to this Place i have followed many posts here With Incredible informations and instructions, also i bougt "Making every photon Count", so i took the plunge, bought me a Canon EOS 550D and started Reading and here is the first result. Intruments: SW 200P on a EQ5 upgraded With synscan Place: A very dark Place in Telemark With some moon luminance Time: 23.11.13 at around 23:00 30x20 sec exposures + 15 darks and 15
  19. Beautifull Orion Satlan, and great extract of more information from the first pic! Could you please tell how you did this magic? :-)
  20. Thanks for the warm welcome! My cabin is about 10 km from Bø and some 50 Km from Rjukan. I live in Oslo, 147 km from the "observatory" (cabin) Unfortunately i can only use the cabin in week ends and when vacations arives due to work. But when skies are Clear the Nights are spent well. Cheers all :-) and thanks for the "unknown" helper that always is prepared to answer questions.
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