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  1. This Picture was taken in 1880, the first ever known Picture of this nebula. In those times it was considered as top notch and met With awe. How far have we come? Just my 5 cents philosophical reflection
  2. I should have tought about this I've had the telescope outside With synscan at about -24 C enjoying Visual observations several hours, the only problem ecountered was that the hand Control was a little bit slower. The Power supply, a transformator from 220V->12V, was put inside a plastic Box underneath the tripod. Thanks!
  3. Thank you! I landed on a seconhand Synguider that i got at a very reasonable price. I'll try this out and will consider other options. My worries is to have a Laptop outside in temperarures at the lower -10 degrees Celcius, though i have more than enough electrical suply.
  4. I hope Next time i have some Clear skies, i can achieve half as good as Your effort, I would be very happy Its my primary target for the moment
  5. Could you please explain the following? Linear image(Is this a Photoshop blending option?) If not Photoshop, please disregard Fethering(Photoshop option?) and Erasor (Photoshop?) ------------------------ If not PS , i would very much like to know what program you are refering to
  6. Then i've decided to purchase an autoguider or use my Neximage5 as a guider. First of all i have probably a Celestron 80/600mm guide Scope under Christmas tree and i'm thinking buying the Celestron Nexguide. First question: Is The Celestron Nexguide any usefull item? Couldn't find any review Second Question: Can i use the Neximage5 as an autoguider? If so; What will i be needing to do to get the Neximage running? I will use it With the SW 130PDS on an EQ5 upgraded With Synscan Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated
  7. M31=19 minutes M81 and M 82= 14 minutes
  8. This time i reprosessed and used 47 lights
  9. I hope one day i can get Jupiter like you
  10. Thanks, i hadn't great expectations for the preliminary astroshots when i started this fall, but are overwhelmed over what is possible. Andre808: I haven't any comacorector yet and i couldn't see any vigneting, The shots are taken in a very dark place at my cabin where LP is nonexisting. So far i'm very happy wit this little scope
  11. 25x 30 sek lights 30x 30 sek darks 30 bias Stacked in DSS and prosessed in PS Instruments: SW 130PDS on EQ5 ugraded with synscan, Canon EOS 550D Location: Bø in Telemark Temperature: -12 degrees C
  12. Compared to all the awesome pics of M31 posted in this forum this is insignificant, but still this result is why i will continue this fantastic hobby for the foreseeable future and adquire a guiderscope and autoguider very soon Instruments: SW 130PDS (New adquisition it's a great little Scope, i really love it) on an EQ5 upgraded With synscan, Canon EOS 550D Location: Telemark (Southern Norway) Temperature: -12 degrees Celcius Subs 25 x 25 sek, Darks 30 x 25 sek and 30 bias
  13. WOW! Didn't know there was so much nebula around the sisters , superb!
  14. Splendid iss indeed the Word
  15. I don't know how you do this Magic, but looks beautifull
  16. Lovely, me too wanted this las night, but due to windy conditions i had to cancel the atempt, i will try this again to night and i would be happy if it comes out half as good as Yours.
  17. Thank you for advise, will try some longer subs and do better polar alignment, i Guess lack of proper PA is the reason for the half egged starshapes? And yes, light pollution is not present at this location, sometimes it is too dark while working With the set up, Rgds Henry
  18. I'll thank you very much for Your advise, i'll try this out tonight if Clear skies are present
  19. After my New adquisition, the SW 130PDS i gave it the first light today in a windy night. What can i do to improve the result? The goal was to put forward the nebula M45 is passing, BUT, noise is present, should i have taken more subs, darks or bias? I'm not entirely satisfied With the result. Instruments: SW 130PDS and Canon EOS 550D on a EQ5 With Synscan 30 subs X 25 sek. 30 darks x25 sek, and 30 bias Stacked in DSS and prosessed in PS
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