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  1. Not really interesting but at least the posting helps me to be nearer a hypergiant . One shot trough SW 130PDS and Canon EOS 550D
  2. Well, i have a cabin in Telemark free from barking dogs. Here is some views from my "observatory" one taken in summer and the other in Winter:
  3. Sure it was an interesting read But don't get me wrong, i wasn't complaining, just a "warning" for aspiring astrophotographs. There is a lot of way to spend Money, restaurants, booze, cigarettes, expensive clothes, bars, pubs, vacations to exotic Places, An Audi, Mercedes, BMW and other insignificant items that only serves to show others what a "great" person you are. But standing alone in the dark, watching the beauty of the nightsky, hearing the electromotors tikking rythmicaly and an ocasional Nightingale or owl in the distance is an unbeatable experience that is Worth all the Money, as
  4. A beginners toughts: For few years ago i started With Visual astronomy, bought me a Scope and eventualy a couple of Naglers and a 30mm 2inch eyepiece. After a while i bought me a BM 127 refractor and was happily spending Nights observing. Then the AP bug attacked me this fall. I started incerting my wifes old Cannon EOS 350D to the SW 200P and took some pics of the moon and Jupiter. For me it was some wow moments and familiy and friends was even more wowing. (The costs so far was about some £1000 for telescopes, eyepieces and small pieces) Then i found out that i wanted more to get some Nice
  5. Yeah, i'll try this in the hollidays if weather permits. I will have about 10 days free and i can't believe that the weather will betray me all the days
  6. He, he I noticed that too, could it be Aristarchus crater?
  7. Its the "last" for a while because i've posted 4 pics of the moon lately, not very Sharp as they where my first attempt trough the telescope and when i compare them to those awesome pics in this forum, i just understand what i'm strugling With: The sharpness and this leads me to improve my focusing and perhaps the collimation. The last issue have been corrected (I think) after buying a laser colimator. So the Next attempts will hopefully be sharper. Don't get me wrong, i love the moon and therefore deserves a little more time for preparation to get better images
  8. Hello! What would i need to attach the Celestron Guiderscope to the 130PDS ? I have the Celestron 80mm guiderscope package coming and i wish to use it as a guiderscope to My SW 1230PDS What do i need to order to set it up ? I have trawled the web for a dowetail(?) but can't figure out what i shall by. I'm planning to have some vacations at my cabin in the hollidays and it would be a shame if i cant use the guiderscope and guider du to a "missing link" Thanks in advance
  9. Northern part: Sw200P + 2x Barlow 1 shot Canon EOS 350D
  10. Sw200P 1 shot Canon EOS 350
  11. I think this happens due to bad Pictures. This means that the stars are not round enough to be detected as stars. The reason could poor focusing, poor PÅ and longer expousures than Your Mount is able to take. This happened to me on several sets of my pics and found out after scrutinizing the pics. They looked reasonable, but when magnifing, the stars looked bad.
  12. Henry Draper's photo was taken trough a 11 inch refractor and 51 minute expousure. Unfortunately Henry Draper died 2 years later, only 45 years old.
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