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  1. Season started after light Northern summer Nights.
  2. Thanks! I thought the fuzzy patch you mention was some artifacts on my lenses, good find :-)
  3. Last nights planetary nebulae M57: SW 130PDS+EQ5+synscan Canon 550D 40x45sec. subs 35 darks 40 bias ------------------------------- M97: 65x45 sec subs 35 darks 40 bias Uploaded in 1366 wide format at photobucket but shows only in 1024
  4. No filter was used, but you gave me somehing to think about. The night is becoming shorter and shorter up here in the north giving me shorter and shorter imaging time. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for input :-) The ytrange thing is that, in my opinion, the pics taken earlier this year looks better even though the exposure time is much shorter 25x 30 sek lights... 30x 30 sek darks 30 bias
  6. Normaly my pics turns to the bluish before, during and afer prosessing, but on a sudden my pics are moving to the brownish side , why does this happen? No camera settings have been altered since last pics that turned bluish. SW 130PDS Canon 550D 80x60s subs 25 darks 30bias
  7. Hi and welcome :-)
  8. SW 130PDS Canon 550D 85x 60s eksposures 30 darks 30 bias
  9. It was necessary to crop due to vignetting and no field flattener
  10. 80x30 sek subs + 30 darks + 30 bias 50x 60 sek subs + 25 darks+ 30 bias SW 130 PDS on EQ5 and synscan unguided Canon 550D
  11. Thanks for help! It sems as it have been said that DSLR imaging isa dead end
  12. What is that horrible dark stripe in the upper half om my picture? 80x30 sek lights 80 darks 80 bias Taken with SW130PDS and Canon 550D, any ideas?
  13. A few more beginners atempt, the problems in the pics has to do with the mount and not the scope. taken with a Canon EOS 550D, SW 130PDS an an EQ 5 with synscan. PA alignment trough "feeling"
  14. Not particular great but i'm pleased with the results as this pics are better than my latest attempts not very long time ago. It shows that there is hope Technical: SW 130PDS+Neximage5 prosessed in Registax (400ish of 1600 frames)
  15. I was to publish my attempt this April, but seeing this pictures i'm ashamed.
  16. Can't edit my previous post but here is the equipment used. All pics taken with a Canon EOS 550D, SW 130PDS an an EQ 5 with synscan. PA alignment trough "feeling" as the polarscopes i ordered dont fit in the EQ5. No guiding yet but very soon as i have the equipment (except a proper polarscope)
  17. Not great pics from me, but this is what i got so far since beginning with AP in august this year. No guiding and maximum time of expousures 30 sek.
  18. It has been terrible last two months with two or three clear skies and when ut was clear it endured a few hours plus obstructing clouds. Still i'm happy that i get some. Those where taken 19th and 23rd february with very short exposure due to weather. M51 HH Orion nebula Leo triplett And lastly M81 and M82 with SN2014J It has been a very disapointing winter here in Norway. Regards Henry
  19. What else to say? First class, i really enjoyed watching those great images
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