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  1. Sorry for late reply, yes taken on a EQ5 Mount, but now i've upgraded to a HEQ pro and started guiding
  2. That was a very good explanation, that figures. Thank you very much!
  3. Ok, i give up, could anyine please explain the quality graph? I.e how many frames should i keep for stacking, or what to do after this stage. I kept 1000 frames out of some 2000ish and the results goes like this: The other stack, look like this (the graph is my problem as i don't understand it) And the result is this:
  4. HenryW


    The eclipse 28.09.15 and a pic from the night before
  5. Latest attempt on the M33 its a combination of several nights= 4 batches. The three first batches was unguided, 1 min exposure. Last night i got som 1h, 40 min guded: 4 min subs and stacked all together giving 3h 50 min in total. Equipment SW 130PDS on HEQ pro mount, guided with synguider
  6. Here is a set of three different exposures of the full moon 30.08.2015 and the frst ever pic of the moon i took 24.08.2013 All are taken with a SW 200P on HEQ5 pro and a Canon 550D except the last one(Taken 24.08.2013) with a EQ 5 and a Canon 350D Stacked in registax and prosessed in Photoshop CS ISO 100 Exposure 1/1000 sek ISO 200 Exposure 1/1600 ISO 100 Exposure 1/1250 And the first ever picture of the moon i took 24.08.2013 Regards
  7. Thanks! Good advice JamesF, i'll eventually purchase APT
  8. As the title says, 3 different exposures, number of photos and prossesings Instruments: SW 200P, HEQ pro, Canon 550D a) stack of 69 pics Iso 200 Exp: 1/1600 Stack of 68 pics Iso 200 Exp 1/2000 c) Stack of 58 pics Iso 200 Exp 1/2500 Regards Henry
  9. At last a Clear crisp night, 8 hours of my life well spent under the night sky at my cabin. Haven't seen a single star since last time i visited this section:
  10. Thats great! When taking pics trough a Lunt, do you get that color?
  11. Now completing my 1 year cyclus with AP in November. The most important i've learned is what not to do and what i need to make better astrophotos.
  12. Lovely! This will be my target next week.
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