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  1. Hi nice set of pics. I have put a small vid on photobucket have a look and let me know what you think. lx90 8" meade through a 24mm lens and digicam
  2. Hi have you uesed any programs to alter the photos like registax? nice set of pics
  3. john56


    my pics Meade LX90 8" digicam through lens 2" 26mm and a 1.25mm. have just go a astromachanics holder for the cams will post some new pics, when I get the sky
  4. john56


    Jupiter 9.1.2011. done with camcorder through the lens LX90 8" 24mm lens.
  5. john56


    Sorry all my falt. Bit to much to drink I think.
  6. john56


    But this site is no good: I have put some photo's still trying to get some feed back.
  7. john56

    happy new year

    Hi all I hope you had a good xmass ? for a Scot to still be able to post this at this time, thats a first.
  8. john56


    I have been stoped from posting Y
  9. nice pics bulldog love the insects, you have a good eye. going to get a 16mm Meade lens . Need more detail on my shots of Moon and try with planets. Will have to get my laptop in the new year. By the way I hope you have a good Xmass & a very good new year. As you can tel I am a Scot.
  10. john56

    812pm 121210 j

    Very nice pics. Had a look at Jupiter myself 18.30 UK time.
  11. Do not use smaller than a 16mm on your scope, You will not have any feld of view under that. Foe every mm devied focal with the eye pices. Have fun.
  12. Sounds grate. I started out viewing the Moon and the Sun thrugh a scope and paper, that was the Sun thing, in my day.would love to see it with the new scopes.Can use post any pics? would love to see them if you can.
  13. you ever just shot 1 image and see the truth
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