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  1. Hello Just got my new celestron eclipsmart solar filter. After opening I notice how poor quality is it. There are some marks on a surface of the film and on the back it looks like they apply too much of the glue and it came out. I wasn't expecting that poor quality from celestron. I i know that I can buy sheet of the baader filter an make one myself for half of the cost. I don't know if they all filters same or its just mine suffer from bad quality control. If there are some other owners of that filter ( 8") please let me know if yours filters are the same and I'm just too fussy about that. It's still going to work but if you spend £60 you expect to be made properly. Thank you.
  2. William Optic, Baader or something like that.
  3. Looking for a good quality 2" SCT diagonal to replace factory fitted which came with my new celestron evolution 8hd telescope.
  4. Find that part. Just spoke with SC Telescopes and they got that parts. Thanks for all your help and advise.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I gonna make some calls tomorrow to the suppliers mention in post.
  6. Hi. Looking for an RA motor drive and gear assembly for meade etx 125. Maybe someone knows where I can find one. Thanks. motor drive and gear assembly for ETX 90.105. 125
  7. Thanks for your all answers. I'm pretty familiar with 2 star alignment, I got ETX125 PE LNT so I used to that. I was just going for a bigger aperture and to make live easier. I thought meade fixed all the problems with that model, it's been on the market for quite long time.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm thinking about buying a new meade LS8 telescope. Does anyone knows if there will be some promotion during the spring/Easter sale? Is it worth to wait or there was never any promotion on that telescope? Thank you.
  9. Most of them are customers returns, so it’s like a lottery (mine was in perfect condition).If you buy, buy from a Dixon/Currys/Argos outlet store(eBay).Mine and most of them came with a 3 months warranty, so you can return if something wrong, and with a PayPal you got also same extra protection.
  10. Hi. .Try www.hotukdeals.com. Two weeks ago I bought a Toshiba laptop model Satellite A660-18N for a £350.(Intel Core I-7 740QM Processor,16”LCD,4GB RAM,500GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce G 310M with CUDA™ technology separate graphic card, Windows 7 64 bit premium)It come from Dixon outlet store and the original box was missing, but the laptop was in perfect condition.
  11. Hi Maybe someone will know where I can buy a Meade ETX-125 OTA only. I Google it but no success. Thank you
  12. Hi I just copy and paste that information from yahoo.uk web page. (I hope I didn`t break any law) The world is set to experience the biggest full moon for almost two decades when the satellite reaches its closest point to Earth next weekend. On 19 March, the full moon will appear unusually large in the night sky as it reaches a point in its cycle known as 'lunar perigee'. Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular view when the moon approaches Earth at a distance of 221,567 miles in its elliptical orbit - the closest it will have passed to our planet since 1992. The full moon could appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky, especially when it rises on the eastern horizon at sunset or is provided with the right atmospheric conditions. This phenomenon has reportedly heightened concerns about 'supermoons' being linked to extreme weather events - such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The last time the moon passed close to the Earth was on 10 January 2005, around the time of the Indonesian earthquake that measured 9.0 on the Richter scale. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was also associated with an unusually large full moon. Previous supermoons occurred in 1955, 1974 and 1992 - each of these years experienced extreme weather events, killing thousands of people. However, an expert speaking to Yahoo! News today believes that a larger moon causing weather chaos is a popular misconception. Dr Tim O'Brien, a researcher at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, said: "The dangers are really overplayed. You do get a bit higher than average tides than usual along coastlines as a result of the moon's gravitational pull, but nothing so significant that will cause a serious climatic disaster or anything for people to worry about." But according to Dr Victor Gostin, a Planetary and Environmental Geoscientist at Adelaide University, there may be a link between large-scale earthquakes in places around the equator and new and full moon situations. He said: "This is because the Earth-tides (analogous to ocean tides) may be the final trigger that sets off the earthquake."
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