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  1. Unfortunately, I think the majority of people in the UK would be more interested in watching Jade Goody dying than the prospect of life elsewhere.
  2. Sorry, I'm giving it to the guy who's buying my scope from me. Take a look for it on Amazon - you can find it for about 50p.
  3. I have one sitting in a cupboard. Never had much chance to use it before I lost interest in the hobby, but I liked it. Mine is the "mirror image" version, for use with Schmidt-Cass/ Mak-Cass + refractors.
  4. Wasn't George Micheal singing recently. Jeff. Funny you should say that, I've been followed into those toilets on a couple of occassions, I even had to tell one guy to **** off. I never realised this kind of thing was actually common. But that's all beside the point!
  5. I noticed the public toilets in Helensburgh had their lights on all night last week. They're locked up from 4.30pm and the lights weren't on earlier than that. So presumably the guys locking up turned the lights on as the closed them. Nice waste of public cash, and of course doesn't help with dark skies. If all these little things were sorted, councils would have more money to spend on important things.
  6. The police are a big waste of space, no wonder everyone holds them in contempt. I'd suggest you get your observatory wired up to a few hundred volts and leave the door open so the scum bags come back and try again. Oh, and have a rottweiler handy. And a baseball bat. Mob rule is coming!
  7. Seriously? This shocks me somewhat. Did you try the two scopes at the same time to see how different they were? I tried my old 4" refractor one night, then the C8 a day later and was really blown away by the difference. Of course, your 6" would be better to start with than a 4" achro refractor, but still, if you never tried the two close together you may be really disappointed once you get shot of the c9.25 and replace it with another C6. It's easy to be nostalgic about a smaller scope.
  8. I had an ETX 125 and it was, to put it bluntly, Rubbish. On the other hand I've had two Celestrons, the 102 SLT and now my C8 and they've both been fantastic. Meade? :nono: Celestron? BTW How come people like that Rush song Cygnus X1 so much? I prefer "Passage to Bankok" although that prob'ly wouldn't make a great username.
  9. I didn't realise people had to apply for permission to cut a tree in their own garden. My neighbour was out cutting one the other day, did about half of it then must have got bored, cos he never did the other side. Like you, I was pleased he decided to do it - just wish he'd done the whole thing!
  10. About £25-£30 with the bracket or £15-£20ish without. OTA's are normally sold with both bracket and finder or without either then new owners fit their own - your choice. John Thanks for that John. The bracket that's on this finderscope is bigger than the ones I see looking on FLO's website and other places. I'll really need to post a picture of it when I sell it so folks can see whether it'll be needed or not.
  11. I used to read Harry Harrison though. When I was 12.
  12. That's why. Sorry fella just don't float my boat Nice edit by the way Do you read Erich von Däniken? No.
  13. Have you ever read the magazine? And why the italics on the "interesting"? Is it a sarcastic dig at me in some way? Stories like the one in this thread are clearly utter nonsense.
  14. I have an Orion 8 x 50 finderscope which came with the C8 I got from Brian (Solar . However, I don't use it, since I got a Telrad, so I'm going to sell the finderscope. How much should I be looking for, for such a thing? And, when selling finderscopes should I be selling JUST the "OTA" as it were, or should I be including the bracket? I have a feeling the bracket should stay with the C8, and I should only be selling the finderscope tube?
  15. Name one, and by what measure is he 'prominent,' and in what field? Typically, the pronouncements I have heard have been attributed to medical doctors and other scientists who cannot claim to know a lot about space science. I don't take a big interest in these theories, other than when they appear in Fortean Times or whatever, so I'm not enough of an expert to name scientists. However, I found this: "John Mauldin, a physicist who works for NASA, once said shielding at least two meters thick would be needed. Yet the walls of the Lunar Landers which took astronauts from the spaceship to the moons surface were, said NASA, about the thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil." I don't believe this conspiracy theory, I'm sure people, who have big mouths as we all know, would have spoken out about it long ago. However, if you read these things, I think there are points that are strange and interesting. Suggesting people who research these are "stupid" or something is much more stupid than recognizing that everything isn't always black and white. Sure, we WERE on the moon. But that doesn't mean everything the conspiracy theorists say is b*ll*cks. http://www.apfn.org/apfn/moon.htm Someone called Kyle Connoly does a nice job of explaining some of this stuff half way down the page. I find it really interesting stuff. Again, I'll say I don't take any great interest in these conspiracy theories, nor do I believe most of them are very true. But they have points of interest and I certainly don't take everything "the establishment" tell me as factual.
  16. I believe people doubt we ever landed on the moon - the "we" being humans. I dont think it's really questioned that "things" have landed on the moon, such as those mirrors, or robotic craft. But there have been pretty prominent scientists who are adamant that it would be lethal for a human to go to the moon, due to radiation. It's easy to laugh at these theories, but I recall reading about it in Fortean Times and it was very, very interesting. I wouldn't say anything about it to Buzz Aldrin's face though, might get a punching! http://www.csicop.org/articles/20021018-aldrin/ Incidentally, even that punching story was questioned as some sort of conspiracy story! http://www.therockalltimes.co.uk:30001/2002/09/23/buzz-aldrin.pub.html As for leaving a bigger flag there next time - what's the betting it will be a giant M, for MacDonalds, or similar? :? BTW That second link is not serious.
  17. Manufacturers should also put a photo on the box/websites of an average sized man standing next to the scope. Newbie's have no idea how big something like a 10" Dob really is.
  18. It was clear here last night too, but it wasn't cold. I was out in a t-shirt for a while using the old 102 SLT. My god, what a difference between the 102mm achro and the C8, never realised it before. :shock:
  19. Aye, I tried to post my Wanted ad for a Nexstar mount and it wouldn't let me. Thought it was just me.
  20. I could swear I looked for this before and found nothing in the UK, but I just found Green-Witch do them for £9. Maybe I'll get one of them, unless someone can suggest how to make one, Blue Peter style?
  21. When I had the scope out a couple of nights ago I noticed the Telrad had dewed up pretty much totally. I know you can buy dew shields for Telrads, does anyone know if there's a UK supplier, or a cheap source of US ones? Even how to make a decent home made one? Also, since it's not optic grade glass/plastic on a Telrad, I assume it's okay to just wipe the dew off with me jumper?!
  22. Hello Mr Olivaw! Some of the best books ever those, I love 'em. His later Robot/Foundation ones are the best IMO.
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