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  1. Well done again Jon, Great composition and the chimney silhouette contrasts really good with the star trails. I can see this image on the cover of a story book. Have been away from SGL for the summer, I think this one will tempt me back.
  2. Great Image Stewart,Lovely colours and good composition.
  3. Thank you all for the positive comments. Cheers Chris www.chrisrobbins.co.uk
  4. Good first attempt, you'll soon be addicted like me! I don't use a dew heater just pick the right night and wrap a scarf around the camera if it's cold. The best way to avoid gaps is set the camera on burst and a 30 second shutter speed and lock the remote lead on and it will just keep firing. You can adjust the exposure with the aperture and ISO. Cheers Chris www.chrisrobbins.co.uk
  5. WOW, Well done,I love the composition and just the right amount of light painted on the stump,Well done, If this is you first I look forward to more.
  6. Excellent Work again Jon, love the diagonals in the second shot. It's got Bags of impact. Cheers Chris
  7. Yet more great Images, you're a star!
  8. Fantastic shots Jon,lovely colours and great composition. Cheers Chris
  9. Thanks for the positive comments, Yes I did try painting with light but over did it a bit and at the end of the day the silhouette version had so much more impact. Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks guys, you could be right about a pair of Iridium flares, Only thing is I did see a shooting star in that part of the sky while I was taking the picture, it was a lot longer in real life but that would be the effect of the 10mm wide angle lens.So I was expecting to see something to the right hand side of Polaris.
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