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  1. Can vouch for that was one of the U.K users, and looks like a good site
  2. And cheaper direct from the states got mine for £8.50 ish which included postage and makes collimation a breeze
  3. first clear night last night since i got a modded webcam
  4. Found this forum while looking at the links page on David hinds website, looked a friendly place so decide to stay.
  5. Now that its all working and managed use it last night, it worked well made focusing on Jupiter and four of its moons easier no image shift. Would of helped with some instructions on setting up as MD said.
  6. Manage to sort it all out now by gradually tightening the four screws and then tightening two hex key grub screws checking if it could hold the weight, if not then slackened the two hex screws and tightened the four screws a bit repeated until it would hold weight.
  7. Bought one of these from Telescope house, on opening the box it looked bigger than I expected. Tried turning the focusing knob very sloppy :shock: would only work when horizontal when slightly tilted would just fall down and that's without an eyepiece in it. On inspection four screws were lose and after playing about with them and two other grub screws manage to get the mechanism tight enough to hold it's weight and a camera and move up and down even when vertical. Not what expecting something costing £119 if I'd known this would have waited to save enough pennies for a moonlite focuser from
  8. skies cleared tonight and all i can say is wow, managed to see :jupiter: and i think 3 of its moons through light polluted and murky horizon before disappearing behind some clouds. 8)
  9. Does anyone know if its up and running yet, as not been able to download any work for a while
  10. Managed to get mine from Adam Hinds, one of the last.
  11. Another new user here, must hold the record for not being able to use it with all this & had 1 1/2 weeks now, and can't wait to get using it.
  12. Mal

    Hi everyone

    Thanks everyone Maybe get to use it tonight blue sky starting appear. 8)
  13. Mal

    Hi everyone

    Just found this forum, live in Peterborough and been into astronomy for a while now. Had a celestron 114 short scope now upgraded to nexstar 8 gps which arrived last wednesday (may 2nd) since then it's been cloudy so not had a chance to try it yet. hopefully not too soon till we get a clear night :stars:
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