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  1. I am getting on ok with it, personally I don't like what colour I am gettin in Mars images but that might be just a matter of practise. Martin
  2. I heard that CMOS chips are equally good as CCD. I have read that poor quality CMOSes are easily produced comparing to CCDs and that's why CMOSes are thought to be worse IMHO Martin
  3. This seems to be best webcam I came across with. Anyone seen any pics taken with it please? http://www.webuser.co.uk/products/Philips_SPC1300NC_review_4160-222.html Martin
  4. Well done KK! I do like it. As you say it is out of focus but you can still see a lot of detail. Martin
  5. Well done Robin. The image is cracker. I always admire the colour that toucam gives. I still don't know how to get good colour with my fusion Martin
  6. Still nice image despite of bad conditions Martin
  7. Good job! I like the widefield image. Why it has so many spikes? Sorry for noob question Martin
  8. They look great. I'd be more than happy with that Martin
  9. Absolute cracker mate. Very nicely done indeed! Martin
  10. Welcome to SGL. Be sure it will be cloudy. I got new mount and it was constantly cloudy after that Martin
  11. Hi Guys Was dissapoined with my recent Mars images so had to give it another go First three are from the same time and the last one was taken 2hours later. All with my C8-N 2x + 4x barlow and fusion webcam. Hope you like at least one Martin Got more data but not much time..also did only quick curves in PS. Someone might improve them (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  12. Well, this one is stacked from all data. It looks smoother but I think it is also clear that there was highlevel cloud or haze as the image is blured. (click to enlarge)
  13. That's the question I dunno, I need to learn how to use it better. It seems to be powerful cam but it might be more better for some sort of objects than toucam but worse for the rest if you see what I mean. I captured better Mars 2monts ago when it had smaller apparent size than now Martin
  14. Thanks Gaz. I don't personally like it though There was some haze or some high level cloud that blurred the image. Still much to learn with fusion Martin
  15. Hi Guys Does anyone know if I need IR-blocking fliter for Logitech Fusion webcam please? Martin
  16. Sorry for silly questions, I am still novice in this . I got HEQ5 recently but it is not the one with GOTO. Can I still hook it to my laptop. What about quiding, do I need that handheld controller for that please? Martin
  17. Looks fine despite of the exposure time 8) Martin
  18. Thanks guys. Happy to be back indeed. The only good thing about my bad taxi experience is that it forced me to upgrade my gear after I sold everything Martin
  19. Well done Grant. The two features sound very useful and I am sure they will be! Great job mate! Martin
  20. Looks very detailed. Well done indeed!!! Martin
  21. Managed to capture this one just before clouds covered everything. I used 4x imagemate and fusion. Originally I intened to use 2xbarlow on top of that but did not get a chance The image is stacked from 180 frames from 1200. Many frames had low brightnes due to the clouds. Martin
  22. Hi Guys This one is stacked from 42 x30sec subs at ISO800. Used my Canon D300, C8-N and my new HEQ5. I love the mount, it's amazing how much time I can save now. Before 80% of images I took was wasted because of trails and mount errors. Now I can use at least 80-90% of all images Very happy :rolleyes: BTW: Double cluster was taken from near the city centre in Plymouth. Martin (click to enlarge)
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