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  1. Hi guys, this one was stacked from around 500 frames and taken with C8-N 4xbarlow and toucam. Cheers, Martin (click to enlarge)
  2. Hi guys, I got my toucam back again and gave it a quick go on Jupiter yesterday. I will try again today if weather permits because there was some high level cloud yesterday. It was taken with C8-N, toucam with 4xbarlow lens 700 frames stacked out of 2500 Martin (click to enlarge)
  3. Thanks for advice Mike. I will have another look.
  4. Stunning image Mike!!! Martin
  5. That's beautiful image Gordon, well done! Martin
  6. very nice comparison indeed! Martin :-D
  7. Hi Guys, This one is from Dartmoor and its 120x30sec exposure. I used my C8-N with Canon-350D Conditions were fine apart from Moon rising and dew that formed on my mirror. Need some advice. I have also included those images that were taken when the mirror was dewed. Hence these were a bit fainter than other. Would it help if I did not include them in the stacking process please? Hope you like the image Martin (click to enlarge) REPROCESSED (click to enlarge) The image is in hi-res so please enlarge it. Any feedback very much appreciated.
  8. First shot? That's cracking result then, well done! Martin
  9. Great capture with lots of detail! Martin :-D
  10. Really nice capture CW. Like the background a lot :-) Martin :-D
  11. Great capture Gaz despite of bad conditions. You've got tons of details there. I see that you progressed with your planetary imaging Martin
  12. Thanks guys for your warm welcome...glad to be back Martin
  13. Hi Guys, Yes, I am still around Hope you're all doing well! The efforts that I put into my Mars rover simulations ( ) during the last and this year got me 3 years PhD scholarship in AI so I don't have to work night shifts anymore and can do some imaging instead So here's my first attempt after a long time. I was often getting vignetting on my images so I used 20x flat frames in addition to 20x dark and 20x bias frames. I used my good old Canon Rebel with C8-N on HEQ5. Everything would be perfect if it did not cloudied over after taking 30x 30sec (ISO:800) exposures So this one's only 15min
  14. Nice Saturn. Was it really your first pic after you went out for the first time? Martin :-D
  15. This was my first deepsky image taken from Slovakia shortly after buying Canon Rebel. (click to enlarge) Martin
  16. Great image mate, well done! Martin :-D
  17. Nice image Ed, good detail and great colours! Martin :-D
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