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  1. Welcome to SGL Stonners Martin
  2. Welcome to SGL Matt!!! Martin
  3. Welcome to SGL John!!! Martin
  4. mpeniak


    Welcome to SGL Ian!!! Martin
  5. Welcome to SGL Mark. Martin
  6. Hi Welcome to SGL!!! I have got C8N and it gives really nice views but it is not so small Martin
  7. Hi You might try this link: www.bushnell.com/customer_service/manuals/telescopes/Reflector_Equatorial_Mount.pdf Martin
  8. Thanks Yep, I used registax. Both pictures were stacked up from around 4000 frames each Martin
  9. Sorry its C8N then, did not know that just C8 was different scope
  10. Not so interesting but at least we can see the phase.lol Martin
  11. Thank you It is stacked image using C8 newtonian ;-)
  12. These are my first pictures of Jupiter and Saturn taken yesterday from the centre of Plymouth. Got C8 without motors + toucam + 2 x barlow How can I take closer images? Do I have to use 3x barlow or is there any other option please? Martin
  13. Hi Robin Nice Jupiter. I tried to do the same yesterday with the webcam you sold me ;-). I was like crazy looking at the sky and trying to find some gap so that I could take some pictures.lol Martin
  14. Well done. I was looking at Venus yesterday and took some pictures as well but they are not as good as yours.
  15. Hello I got Celestron C8, which has 1000mm focal length and if I am right it is f/5. I am buying toucam and would like to try some astro-imaging. How powerful should a barlow lens be to bring reasonably close images of eg. moon, Saturn and jupiter? Thanks for your help Martin
  16. Thanks for your help! I am going to get Toucam pro III Regards Martin
  17. Hi I would like to buy Toucam pro II but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know some place from where I could buy it? I could get it from ebay but it's either from China or Singapore and delivery is expensive. I heard that pro II is no longer manufactured and is substituted by pro III. Is it right that Toucam pro III is very hard to modify for astronomy use? Thanks Martin
  18. Hi I Just use Linux Ubuntu. Everything is for free and all works much much faster and reliable.
  19. mpeniak

    Hi All :-)

    lol. I know it sounds impossible, however I work from 17:30 to 02:00 so I can still go stargazing after work ;-) Martin
  20. mpeniak

    Hi All :-)

    Hi to all stargazers!!! I live in Plymouth and come from Slovakia. I have always been interested in astronomy so I got myself Celestron C8 today. I can't wait when I try it for the first time. I had 3 scopes before one of which was from ebay and through which the stars appeared like comets and could see four Jupiters instead of just one.lol Apart from astronomy I enjoy programming, working with Linux, green and black teas (Darjeeling). Also work full time night shift in factory and study full time at University here (computing) and part time Uni in Manchester (astro course). So if you needed
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