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  1. I think I am going to do narrowband imaging using Ha, Oiii ans Sii filters then combine them using Hubble pallete. I do not want a reflector this time. What refractor you guys reckon would be decent for serious astrophotography. My budget is around 1k on camera and 2k and scope and accessories
  2. Thanks guys! Would you say that if I focused on narrowband Ha imaging all my light pollution problems would be solved?
  3. Hi guys, I used to do a lot of astrophotography work when I lived in Plymouth but then I sold all equipment and lived in California for a while. Now I live in London and really miss doing some astrophotography but never really bothered because of the light pollution. The light pollution should not be such a big issue for planetary imaging and of course for solar imaging. I am thinking to either get a Coronado and try solar imaging or get a decent refractor and focus on lunar and planetary imaging. Does anyone have an experience with planetary imaging from London? What would you do?
  4. Hi guys, I tried to capture it early this morning. Hope you enjoy the pics. Regards, Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  5. please delete, I accidentally posted to wrong section
  6. Hi guys, this is something I quickly put together made from 30sec subs. I do need to buy a wedge for my CPC and finally learn some long exposure photography Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  7. mpeniak


    Hi guys, Here's my first attempt this year. Clear skies, -- Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  8. Hi guys, I started recording at around 1am and finished something around 4:30am. I used the Celestron CPC925, 2x barlow lens and NextImage CCD camera with infrared/ultraviolet blocking filter. The image below is one of the better quality frames, stacked in Registax where best 95% of the frames were selected. Image was post-process in PhotoShop where unsharp masking was applied. Each frame in the video below was stacked from around 1900frames and the video itself is made of 70frames (similar to the picture above), so overall around 130,000frames were used out of 140,000. The visibility was quit
  9. Hi, This was the first go on M57 with the new setup. Lots of light pollution due to bad visibility. I managed to filter most of it out in Photoshop. Thanks for looking.
  10. The second one looks really good, well done on your first guided image!!!
  11. Great pic!!! Tons of detail, amazing stuff
  12. Hi guys, This one is my first test DSO using my new CPC. The image was taken from Plymouth downtown through a thin high-level cloud. Despite of the visibility and quick job setting everything up and not using dark and flat frames, I was quite pleased with the result. Clear skies! Martin
  13. Dear all, I am running a small astro-group in Plymouth and have planned a trip to Cornwall on 12th August. The weather looks good so fingers crossed. If you are from around and are interested in joining us, please get in touch. For more information about the event see the initial email that was sent to the mailing list. Visit my site for more information: martinpeniak.com ------ As was mentioned in the previous email we are quickly approaching 12 August, a day when Perseid meteor shower peaks and when we should be able observe over 50meteors/hour. Date: This depends on weather. Although, the s
  14. Thank you very much for the corrections. Indeed, I flipped the image vertically, need to be more cautions next time
  15. Thanks guys, the seeing was better than the last time I tried and Jupiter was higher but still there was quite a lot of turbulence and I was having problems with dew too. Had to use carpet cleanter blower to get rid of it since I did not have anything else, it is always hardcore with me taking images hahaha. Personally, I am very happy with the nextimage and would compare it to toucam's performance. I am not sure if it is not using the same ccd chip but I could not really relate to negative comments about this camera since I really enjoy using it. Just fiddle a bit with the gain,exposure, gamm
  16. Hi guys, I fought with dew but nonetheless got something out of the vids I took Regards, Martin Peniak
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