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  1. 2 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

    Two of the images show some vertical banding. (The second and fourth ones down.) One of the four QSI cameras in our robotic shed had this problem. Initially the only way the owners could defeat it was by taking very long exposures - around 30 minutes. After something of an argument with QSI they received a software fix which has worked. It might be worth asking the owner whether or not has had done a firmware update on it. Since the problem doesn't appear in all the images this may have been done.

    By the way, another of our robotic clients has just bought a second camera second hand, an Atik 383L, for £800. I'm just running off the darks on it at the moment and the chip seems very clean. Just a thought on filterwheels but, in narrowband, you tend to work on one set of data at once, Ha on one night, OIII on another, etc. In this case havng an electric wheel does not strike me as being at all important. You could save a lot of money and some complexity by just using a manual one. Sorry, one more thought: I find it much easier and cheaper to mount a guidescope piggybag on a simple strip of aluminium running between the guide rings on the top. Side by side also makes mount collision come earlier after passing the meridian. I see no advantage in it.


    My idea was to go for Atik and Ha filter to start with. Then later I would get other filters. I am also not that concerned about the filter wheel since collecting data via narrowband is probably going to be a night job per filter as you say. I would also save tons of money too...thoughts 

  2. He replied and sent me few stunning images taken with the camera. I am attaching them here.

    Hi Martin, thanks for the offer.
    If you look on Ian King and First Light Optics websites, you can see that the new price in the UK is £3858.  Most astro gear in very good condition sells for 70% second hand. That would be £2700 in this case. I am asking £2530 including insured delivery, which sounds reasonable.
    Would you like to reconsider your offer in light of the above?
    I attach some images taken with this camera.












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  3. 5 minutes ago, Galatic Wanderer said:

    Has any one thought about starlight xpress?

     I found this on astro buy sell website which could be a good buy. It's £1000 and comes with LRGB filters. 




    Look I have no experience with it but looks like a good deal. Why does he not want to post it though? I understand that it's a delicate equipment but how do other people get their ccds from other companies? Sure they are not travelling to another side of England to pick it up :D

  4. I totally agree. I was just wondering if buying a second hand camera is really that good when I could get a new atik with a filter wheel and a guider that I can always swap in the future while if I get the camera you mention if will be second hand and might have issues and I will have to use the autoguider it has...unless I buy another one of course...thoughts :)

  5. 1 hour ago, Physopto said:

    Not when I bought one. It does depend upon offers or seller and being in the right place at the right time.  Around £1500 is a good price for a really good condition 583wsg. That is less half the original price. As I said built like a tank.

    I think it'd take ages to find someone who is selling a QSI though...

  6. 1 minute ago, Physopto said:

    Quote "Which brings me to the next point, how are you going to mount the filter? You will either need a filter wheel, or a filter holder"



    This is why I suggest a second hand QSI 583 wsg. ( around £1600).

    It has an integrated filter wheel and takes the 1.25" filters and possibly un-mounted 31mm filters. It also has an integrated prism for off axis guiding.

    So you don't have to go buying a separate filter wheel and off axis guider!


    Is that second--hand camera vastly superior to atik?

  7. 7 minutes ago, DaveS said:

    Yes, they've removed everything that isn't needed for imaging, ie the diagonal, finder, eyepiece, and probably the aluminium case as well (Not sure about the latter).

    80mm is plenty for NB imaging. One of the popular 'scopes is the WO Imaging Star 71 f/4.9 (Just been replaced by a mkII version), as is the Esprit 80 f/5 and the TS 80mm f/6, the latter two are triplets, and considerably more expensive. The ED80 / HEQ5 is recommended for a reason, it just plain works, something all too rare in AP.

    Thanks a lot! I am now lot more confident about the setup. I am thinking this, does it look like a good setup for narrowband imaging? :)
    HEQ5 - £759

    ED80 - £349

    Atik 383L Plus - £1,495

    H-alpha 7nm - £171

    .85x Reducer/Flattener - £159

    Autoguider - £275

    Dual-saddle - £120

    Side-by-side mount - £146

    17Ah powertank - £98

    TOTAL = £3,572


  8. 15 hours ago, gnomus said:

    I would agree that there is not a lot wrong with the ED80.  This would free up some cash from the original budget to put towards autoguiding (essential for the longer exposures you will need in NB) and camera.  If you want to spend a bit more there is the Esprit range.  

    I've had an ED80 and liked it a lot, though the focusser was pretty horrible (Baader Stteltrack maybe?).  I can't comment on the Esprit yet - but I have one coming in the next few days.

    Please keep me posted. Do you think the 80mm aperture of ED80 will be sufficient for narrowband imaging considering that it already needs longer exposure times?

  9. 1 hour ago, Physopto said:

    Just checking because if you get a heavy mount carrying it several flights of stairs can be a put off. NEQ6 weighs about 16 kilograms, legs weigh about 10Kg I think, CCD (QSI) about 1 kg, Scope average talked about 8-12 kg. Batteries could be another 16 Kg. Associated wiring and Laptop another 10 kg. It all adds up and takes time to ferry about back and forth.  Could be about 65-70 Kg of gear to move there and back again. Are you prepared to do that two or more times a week? Can get very tiring.

    If it is not secure you may have to go for  toilet breaks and leave it unattended! Lot of monies worth to leave for a while!!!

    Just be aware that it isn't always about having the gear it is the using and safety as well.

    Sure, I used to have similar setup before with regards to weight. Thank you for pointing it out but for me it is not an issue :)

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  10. 6 minutes ago, DaveS said:

    You *will* have to autoguide with the NEQ6, in fact you'll have to autoguide with anything short of a mount from 10 micron or ASA, which are in the £6k and up league (And that included the awesome Mesu 200). If you need a guide 'scope then budget another £350-400, for a ST80 and whatever guide camera takes your fancy. I use a QHY5 II, but that's only because I got it on offer at Astrofest. I'll soon (I hope) be moving to a self-guided ASA DDM60 mount.

    Interesting that you haven't quoted any of the 'scopes from FLO?

    I quoted the scopes to share the specs not because who sells them. What is it from FLO that you would recommend? 

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  11. Thanks for the reply. I would take the scope on the rooftop terrace from which I have an excellent view. I was under impression that if I invest in eq6 mount I would not need autoguider. If on the other hand I went with the skywatcher refractor and eq6 would I still need an autoguider?

  12. 2 minutes ago, Galatic Wanderer said:

    Ok I see

    I guess I could change my mind if the scope was much superior for what I am trying to use it for. Would you say that that one is the best for narrowband dso for the money I can spend? I quite like the refractor you mentioned earlier on.

  13. What refractor would you recommend guys? I was thinking that in theory I should not need apochromatic refractor because of sole narrowband usage. I don't mind having to refocus for each filter and I thought I could get more aperture for money this way. Am I missing something or standard achromat will do?

  14. Thank you very much for the replies guys. Basically I would like to build a setup for around 3k. The 2k scope-mount-accessories and 1k camera was just a wild guess. I would love to squeeze the most out of this and have a setup which I can upgrade in the future. All considering I am based in central London. My mission will be to do some spectacular narrowband imaging from London, which would be awesome demonstration that astrophotography is perfectly possible even from huge light polluted cities. Indeed, I could first get a hydrogen alpha filter only and then upgrade and buy filter wheel and remaining two filters. I supposed that a good apo refractor and eq5-6 tripod would be fine, do you think?

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