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  1. I thought the show was perfectly fine and enjoyable. No complaints from me.
  2. Sir Patrick Moore first got me interested in space when I was very young, and my dad bought me a Tasco telescope when I was 7... Unfortunately the Tasco telescope put me off observing as I could never see anything through it... I maintained a passing interest in space since then, but I didn't get fully interested again until about four years ago.
  3. I won't give up astronomy until I'm either too infirm to use my scope (but then there's still stuff I can do online), or I'm dead... *shrug*
  4. How about a guest presenter each week? Seems to work well on other BBC shows when the main presenter is no longer available.
  5. The article said the BBC were still undecided whether or not to continue the show? Is that right? First I'd heard.
  6. I'm not sure what you can get for £120, but if you can stretch to £160 the Google Nexus 7 is quite good. Though for that price you do get limited storage of only 16GB. I use my regularly with apps like SkEye, Star Chart and others.
  7. Oops! I didn't mean iTelescope... That can't be used for images of planets.
  8. I've only even seen it through online scopes like iTelescope or Slooh.
  9. I have heard, but I can't verify the source, that Sir Patrick wanted Chris Lintott to take over as lead presenter in the event of his death. I can't confirm this though, as I do speak with Paul, but I think it would be a but disrespectful to ask.
  10. I just tend to put my hands in the pockets of my coat. I take them out to make adjustments and then put them back into my pockets again... Seems to keep them nice and warm
  11. It should definitely have been longer, but it was still a fine tribute. Will miss his cheery "Good Evening" at the top of the S@N shows.
  12. I'd say a Planisphere, a cheap pair of binoculars and a copy of Patrick Moore's Teach Yourself Astronomy.
  13. Being a drummer I've always used my drumming stool for sitting at my telescope. They're good, sturdy and comfortable... Though if you have a bad back I would suggest one with a back rest.
  14. That Celestron Travel 70 scope looks very handy. Just the ting I'm looking for for 'out and about; stargazing. Only £52 on Amazon too... I can feel the debit card coming out!
  15. I keep my OTA in one of those big plastic storage boxes and my tripod is kept setup, without the weight or control rods, with a sheet over it to keep it clean. I keep them both in my bedroom.
  16. I still have my dad old 10x40's and use them regularly, because it's so much easier than setting the scope up every time I want to observe. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to carry it all downstairs, put it together, polar align it.... Much easier to grab the bins from the top of the bookcase, get a chair and head outside for a few hours.
  17. I keep my copy of TLAO indoors and either make notes of what it is I'm observing, or make a photocopy of the page I want.
  18. My first scope was a Skywatcher 1145P, which I still use. Though not as often as I'd like due to cloud and the amount of light that comes from my neighbours.
  19. It was indeed the ISS. It's due over again at about 22:50 BST
  20. Check the @NEOShieldTeam on Twitter, they have a few interesting ideas, such as the Kinetic Impactor, Blast Deflection and Gravty Tractor. I've no idea if any of these things will actually work, but at least people are trying to come up with ideas. You can find out more about them here: http://www.neoshield.net/
  21. I don't think the other presenter necessarily patronise Patrick Moore. I tweet quite regularly with Paul Abel, and less regularly with Chris Lintott, and they genuinely seem to have a lot of affection and respect for him.
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