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  1. That's just awesome Pete. Keith.
  2. An excellent set , my favourites out of the set: Leo triplet and M97. Great stuff, keep them coming Paulo. Keith.
  3. OK... so you do need to view the pic at it's largest size in a browser to have a cats chance of spotting them but to help you guys out here's one I labelled up. Both Messiers' are nearest to the top left of the capital "M's" in the picture. cheers Keith
  4. Roy Batty


    Lovely image and processing Sam, I like the fine detail thats come through. Keith
  5. Always a bit of a quirk that the Great Bear was given a tail, but hey ho if the stars fit... Took this to keep my hand in really. It was a bit too windy last night for the scope.. so it attached the DSLR direct to the HEQ5 and with just the 18-55 lense on it was rock solid. The image is a small stack of just 4 subs, but these were all 10min ISO800 ones. No prizes for looking but you can make out M101 and a teeny weeny M51 aahhhh:D cheers Keith
  6. I was in two minds to post this little fella, not really enough time taken on the data capture with this due to cloud cover thursday night. If it stays clear tomorrow I may give it another go but use the C8-N instead for better detail resolution. cheers Keith
  7. KK as you know when powering up the synscan handset you're prompted if you want to start from park? Y/N. I select N, I assume all this does with the electronics is to "re-zero" the encoders to the current position - so all subsequent goto's are taken from this "re-calibarted" mount position - i.e. wheights down, OTA pointing to NCP. approx. If I had a permanent set up where everything was left untouched when returning to park and powering down at the end of a session is where I assumed that you would want to select YES when prompted to start from park when starting up the next time. Hope you follow this reasoning? Keith
  8. When PA'ing my HEQ5 I don't bother plugging in the handset at this point. By just plugging in the power supply and switching on will illuminate the polar alignment scope recticule and doesn't mess anything up with the electronics. When you're happy with the alignment as KK has described, just switch off the mount, return the DEC bar to facing down paralell to the leg marked "N" on your tripod and add your counterbalance wheights and OTA. When adjusting the scope with wheights down scope up (all done with NO power on) I tend to align polaris up against one of the cross hair lines in the finder scope, but naturally this will not be in the centre as the scope is pointing to NCP and not polaris. Lastly tighten the clutches. All is now ready to plug in the hand set and power up the mount again. Personally I tend to not start the scope from park when prompted as my set up is not on a permanent pier. Hope this helps.. Keith
  9. Nice re-edit Kevin - did you use PixInsight DBE this time round? I can sympathise with the weather, the met office may say it's clear but i'm getting alot of high thin cloud & murk at night in my part of somerset. It's great for spotting the constellations as only the major stars shine through, but not so good for an imager cheers Keith
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