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  1. Hi there, Does anyone know if the AZ4 mount head would be compatable with the steel tripod from an EQ5 mount? I already own an EQ5 synscan with steel tripod so don't really want to purchase the AZ4 with steel tripod if it's the same one! Thanks.
  2. Cheers guys, I thought it would be fairly simple. When I get round to buying a camera I'll upload some pics.
  3. Apologies if this seems obvious to you but I can't seem to find an answer on these forums or on the internet. How do you get colour images from a mono camera when used with a hydrogen alpha telescope? Since the telescope contains a Ha filter am I right in thinking that using RGB filters is pointless? Also is there an advantage in using a DMK41 over a DMK21? Thanks for any advice.
  4. After much deliberating I decided to take the plunge and get into solar observing now the summer's coming and the time for nighttime astronomy is becoming ever shorter. I spent weeks comparing reviews of the PST, SolarMax II series and Lunts offerings but finally settled on a Solarview 50. After using it for the first time this afternoon I can say that it's simply stunning. It gives a brilliantly bright, clear image and is well worth the money. The case it comes in is pretty cool too and putting it all together makes it feel a bit like a meccano set or something. Here is a photo of it on my E
  5. This is sad but I do it too. I find if you look directly at one it starts to move, then you have to move your eye again to follow it and it moves faster. Endless fun if you're bored.
  6. This has occurred to me but it’s a dangerous path to go down. Thankfully half of the bottom of the garden is covered by a huge leylandii hedge already which blocks a streetlight. As far as speaking to the people around me, I’d really rather not. I agree it’s probably the most productive long-term solution and if it was only one house I probably would, but trekking round the neighbour hood asking folks to turn their lights off might make me appear as a weirdo. The observing shroud with sewn in magnets sounds a good idea. I’m sure the Orion one is over-priced since it’s basically a bit of
  7. Hello folks. I've had my scope for a couple of months now (6" Newt) and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. However, since I bought it the following things have happened: The streetlight outside my house has been fixed (after 2 years); The once vacant house to the south has been occupied by people who don't believe in drawing curtains when there are lights on; My next door neighbour feels the need to leave his security light on all night and... ...his neighbour has had the same idea . While the sky is still fairly dark since there are no visible 'domes' of light pollution my back garden is now
  8. You should have a celebration if you ever get to 500...:-)
  9. I've seen it a couple of times in a 6" Newt with moderate light pollution. The first time took a few minutes of faffing about but after that I knew what to look for - the 4 stars around it which form a distinct diamond shape. They are far more obvious than the galaxy itself and make for an easier target. If you draw a line from Andromeda through Mirach and beyond, you'll come to a bright star called Hamal which is almost exactly the same brightness as Mirach. Point your scope roughly half way between Hamal and Mirach and M33 won't be far away.
  10. I'll add another vote for the 3-6mm Nagler Zoom. I recently got one for my 6" f/5 Newtonian and I'm glad I did - it cost as much as the OTA but is well worth it. I generally use it at 6mm (125x) but when the conditions are right I can crank it up to 3mm (250x). Decent eye relief too and none of that kidney beaning that can come with wide FOV naglers.
  11. I've been thinking about this scope too and have only heard good things about it. I've already got a 6" f/5 reflector but wanted something which will give sharper views on planets and the moon. I was thinking of getting a £200 planetry eyepiece but for £224 I could get this scope as an OTA - would this be a better idea?
  12. I've just received a new EQ5 mount with a scope and it has a few marks here and there, nothing that affects its performance though. As far as GOTO, yes, you can add it for about £300: SkyWatcher SynScan PRO GOTO Upgrade Kit For EQ5 Mount While we're on the subject of the EQ5, does anyone know if you can get the dangly things which go on the RA and DEC adjustment screws? I don't know what they're called but they attach to the adjustment screws on the mount and then you put the adjusment knobs on the other end. This makes it easier to adjust the position while viewing.
  13. Wow those maps are great, the second one in particular will be very useful to me. Thanks alot Ian.
  14. Thanks for all the info guys. I'll start in my back garden at first but my neighbours conservatory emits alot of light long into the night so I'll just have to wait and see how it affects viewing. I know of one local astronomy club but its quite a way away (over 30 mins) so their sites most likely won't be that local to me but it's worth a try. And as you say, astronomers are 100% good people so it'll be worth meeting others!
  15. Hi there Apologies if this should be in the 'Observing' section but seeing as I'm new to this I thought this section would be appropiate. I'm getting my first telescope soon and have been out and about with my binoculars recently trying to find some good dark sites nearby. I live close to a large town (Banbury) so would like to get into the countryside to get the best from my new scope. But what do people generally do? Park on the side of the road and set up in a field? Find a local country park and go there? Or just walk from your house until you're away from all the light? The trouble I see
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