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  1. Hi Depends on the atmospheric conditions prevailing that night too. Greater magnification means less clarity generally, unless you have a powerful telescope to use it in!
  2. If you are ever in the U.S or know anyone who is going, they sell genuine certificated specimens in the Crater Shop / Museum in Arizona, situated East of the Grand Canyon!
  3. Good point! If there are 25% cuts in street lighting, that should mean a 25% boost for potential astronomy! Let's capitalize on it!
  4. Darkly has a good point. Get someone to set it up by a window, and at least you can make a hands-off start! I keep one scope permanently inside, and two others reserved for outside use. Hope you get well soon!
  5. There are some salutary comments there on imaging. I think I will take a rain check for the time being, and stick to visual!
  6. Hi Simon, Seem to have received a blank message from you. Just replying in case you were trying to make contact? Otherwise: policosanol@ hotmail.com will always reach me, Regards Chris.
  7. In answer to your question, one reply included reference to the Dob Users Group. How does one join and / or make contact?
  8. Try a laser model instead. Borrow one or get help from an AS member if you can. They are always willing to help!
  9. Very moving account! Good luck in the future! Have every sympathy with your agony!
  10. Great picture. Hope to see more!
  11. moonraker1234

    Hi to all

    Hi Makron, Welcome to SGL.
  12. As I am after a 16" Lightbridge myself, can Mick advise on the maximum eyepieces to use satisfactorily? Find that the 2" in any case are far better than 1.25" with adaptor.
  13. Got my first Meade 5000 series in 1.25", and am not nearly as happy with it as I thought I would be. Any similar experiences?
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